Reports: Ike Taylor is Back

If you thought Ike Taylor was a must-sign for the Pittsburgh Steelers this offseason, you’re probably pretty happy right about now. According to reports from ESPN’s Adam Schefter and Pro Football Talk, the Steelers and Taylor have come to terms on a four-year contract. No dollar figures have been reported at this point (and for me, that makes or breaks it).

The Steelers are clearly a better team in 2011 with Taylor than they are without out him, but it’s difficult to ignore his age and the overall landscape of the position across the league from a long-term outlook.

Prior to this news it had been a relatively quiet day from the Steelers in terms of free agent talks, and this pretty much came out of nowhere late Tuesday night.

Discuss it, Steelers fans…

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  • Jason F

    I think its a good sign if the money is right.  I’m confident they didn’t overpay.  I might eat those words later, but they barely ever overpay for aging free agents.  If he got paid, he’s got enough left.

  • Anonymous

    The FO does such a good job of knowing when to let players walk that I’m fairly confident this was a good decision. Without Ike we would have some serious problems against even a moderate passing game.

  • Randy Steele

    According to Ed Brouchette today, don’t expect the Steelers to re-sign Willie Colon. They don’t believe he deserves the big contract he thinks he does, which means Flozell Adams will most likely be the starting right tackle–at what the front office hopes is a reduced price.

    With Ike Taylor signed, the only question now on defense is whether the Steelers will rework a contract with Aaron Smith. Smith is supposedly 100 percent healthy and raring to go, but management isn’t completely sold on him yet.

    And I guess we have to hope that “Squeeze ‘em” Suisham get re-signed; otherwise, the Steelers will be forced to join several other teams picking through the scrap heap for a kicker before the season begins.

    • DC in ATL

      David Akers?

    • Anonymous

      Suisham agreed to a deal. So they’ll have at least two for an in-camp competition. Bringing in a third is possible.

  • Dean Keaton

    (sigh of relief)

    If he didn’t come back, I was anticipating comparisons of this year’s CBs to the days of Scott/Washington, though admittedly Polamalu/Clark plus the top notch QB pressure the Steelers defense will again bring would ensure that they wouldn’t look quite that bad, no matter who you put at CB.

  • EasyLikeSundayMorning

    I’m very happy with the Ike signing. I’m guessing I’m not alone on this one.

  • Jasonreinert01

    they should get rid of ike taylor, he does not know how to deflect passes. He allows to many catches