Reports: Max Starks to be Released

This one caught me by surprise, but according to several reports, including Jason Laconfora, Fox Sports and many others at this point, the Steelers are preparing to release Max Starks this week in an effort to re-work their offensive line.

The priority appears to be Willie Colon, who missed all of last season with an Achilles injury, while I’d guess this also leaves the door open for Flozell Adams to return, or perhaps even Jonathan Scott.

Starks, a third-round pick in 2004, the same year the Steelers selected Ben Roethlisberger (and, more infamously, Ricardo Colclough), has spent seven years in Pittsburgh and started on two Super Bowl winning teams (on both sides of the line: in 2005 as a right tackle and 2008 as a left tackle).

My first question: How long until he signs with the Arizona Cardinals?

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  • Bob Costas

    Uh, what.  Are we going to get a full year of the Jonathan Scott Experience?

    • Anonymous

      If they release Starks, resign Colon, and don’t do any other signing, I’d guess they move Adams back over to the left, put Colon at right, and plan on replacing Adams with Gilbert next season. Max Starks isn’t a good tackle, but who else do they have? Could they have an eye on Leonard Davis in the short term? Seems like a weird move.

      It’s possible that they saw their situation vs the cap as either keep Starks or keep Colon. Colon plays the easier to replace position, but he’s a significantly better player at RT than Starks is at left, so the drop from Starks to whomever they can find to plug the whole is less than the drop from Colon to whomever. Another possibility is that his injury is not healing.

      Or maybe Ramon Foster showed up to camp today weighing five hundred pounds while running a 4.2 40, I dunno.

      • Anonymous

        One other possibility: Jared Gaither. The Ravens may not try too hard to resign him if they have their hearts set on Oher.

  • Randy Steele

    This tidbit from Brouchette:
    “I was told yesterday that at one point in this lockout, Starks weighed more than 400 pounds and that he currently is around 370. Starks had a weight problem when he played at Florida but pretty much had it under contol since joining the Steelers. Perhaps his neck surgery prevented him from working out much early in the year but not now. While initially a shock, it should come as little surprise that they would release Starks.”

  • Cols714

    I’m shocked. I’d much rather have Starks than Colon. I do not understand this move.

  • Cols714

    I have to believe the Steelers have someone else they’d like to sign because I can’t imagine that they are planning on having Adams play LT.

    Scott did improve as the year went along and played pretty well in the playoffs and Super Bowl. However Starks is better than him. Maybe not by enough to justify the salary difference though.

    Weird, weird move.

  • Anonymous

    ARE released.

  • Dean Keaton

    Maybe just trying to get Max back at a cheaper rate?

    I would be surprised if Jonathan Scott is not brought back – as a backup. He was very good for a 2nd stringer last year, and I have no doubt that it is in large part because of Kugler, who coached him in Buffalo too.