SL Discussion Thread for Week of July 11

This is your thread to talk about … well, whatever you want.

– I just realized it will be three years this month since I started writing full-time, which I find to be pretty amazing. I think the lesson there is to not be afraid to take a chance on something and see where it takes you. Of course, I couldn’t do it without people willing to read my scribbles, and that includes the gang here at SL.

– In updated Hines Ward news, his agent claims that Ward wasn’t impaired when he was pulled over by Georgia Police on Friday night/Saturday morning. [Post-Gazette]

– This is from almost a week ago, but an assessment of the Steelers options for the backup quarterback spot. [Behind The Steel Curtain]

– The Pittsburgh Power played their final home game of the regular season on Sunday night, and things didn’t go well against the best team in the AFL, the Arizona Rattlers, as they lost 68-34. The Power trail Cleveland by one game in the standings, and the two teams meet Friday night in Cleveland. The Power won the first game earlier this season. [Arena Football League]

– And for your random YouTube: Barry Foster! I remember these touchdowns because this was the first Steelers game I ever attended. It was also Bill Cowher’s first home game in Pittsburgh.

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  • SteelerBill

    Barry ‘Bananas’ Foster…I love it…..

  • Rob D

    Ok, I think we dodged a bullet and there will be a full NFL season/preseason/training camps. Great stuff. I was seriously going to take a year off if they missed any games. REALLY annoyed about the owner’s apparent boundless greed and had a few beefs with the players on a few issues but that’s history. Just like JH’s rants and Hines’ overrefreshed driving habits.

    It’s hot as hades here today and I am dreaming about football…lol….the NFL is a drug.