SL Discussion Thread for Week of July 18

This is your thread to talk about … well, whatever you want.

– Will this be the week the NFL lockout finally comes to an end? Reports say it’s as close as it’s ever been and we’re about ready to end this nonsense. Other reports say there’s still large details holding it up. Other reports say the players are making a last-second power play. Other reports say nothing can derail the talks now. Other reports say Logan Mankins (really?!) might hold it up so he can become a free agent. Other reports … ah, hell. Just tell me when football is back. REPORTS! Reports, reports, reports.

– Antonio Brown was apparently calling people that gave him his phone number on Twitter over the weekend. He asked his followers to send them their numbers, and he gave them a call. Seriously. If you follow athletes on Twitter you’re likely to see a bunch of people begging them for a “retweet,” and as our colleague Matt Snyder pointed out earlier this week — on Twitter, of course — getting an athlete to retweet you is like the new autograph. The times: they’ve changed. But seriously, that IS kind of cool that Brown spent his Saturday night calling random fans. [Antonio Brown on Twitter]

– The Steelers: the outlaws of the NFL.  [Tribune-Review]

– I mean, there’s really nothing going on right now that isn’t about James Harrison, Hines Ward or the NFL lockout, so here’s a link to the Steelers single season rushing records: Barry Foster is still on top. [Pro Football Reference]

– And for your random YouTube: Here is Antwaan Randle El’s first NFL touchdown…

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  • Anonymous

    That video reminds me just how long Randle El has been playing!

  • Rob D

    That would be cool talking to Brown..he’s one of my fave new guys on the team..just has that extra “something” that is hard to define. Confident but not too cocky..that funny kinda cocky that makes you smile. He loves to play and he’s fast. I think he’ll have a nice career.

    I’ve put JH’s interview behind me. They are only words and if a guy spends enough time with anyone, he’ll get great quotables. I’d probably have to move out if some reporter got some off the cuff remarks about family..but I ain’t important enough. It reads like lockerroom banter to me now, the kind that can be equal parts kidding and cutting at the same time. I think the fact that is came close after Hines’ misadventure made it a little harder to take. WE have come to loathe the offseason for more than just the fact that many of our lives revolve around the NFL.

    Randle El had some speed in his youth! As LoungeLegal says, its hard to believe he’s been around for a good amount of time already. Time waits for noone.

    Hope all of you are having a great summer..

  • HoosierSteeler
    • Anonymous

      Excellent link, thanks for that one.  I loved this line in the last section:

      “Here’s a good rule of thumb in the NFL: You’re not smarter than the Pittsburgh Steelers.”


  • Portdog0129

    Only thing standing between the Steeler’s and another Superbowl is a labor agreement.   Cmon guys get this thing done.

  • Rob D

    Looks like we have football back. And the heat wave broke in parts of Canada.

    So it’s perfect weather today here in Ottawa,,low humidity and temps in the mid 70 F.

    Feels does the fact that we can start thinking about training camps, trades and sighnings and exhibition games instead of watching the two sides scowl at each other on TV.

    Sounds good to me..