SL Open Discussion Thread for Week of July 5

This is your thread to talk about … well, whatever you want.

– Hopefully everybody had a nice holiday weekend. Some random housekeeping stuff: Starting today I’m going to be writing about hockey over at CBS Sports Eye On Hockey, so if you’re a fan of the frozen game, feel free to stop on over. Bookmark it, too. Oh, and Ryan writes over there at Eye On Football as well. So check him out, too. Do it!

– The Pittsburgh Power let a huge lead slip away in the fourth quarter on Saturday, losing in Orlando. They’re a game behind first place Cleveland with three games to play (including one game in Cleveland). [Pittsburgh Power]

– Non-Football: But, um, is anybody paying attention to the Pirates? Entering Tuesday three games over .500 and 1.5 games out of first place. Crazy.

– The NFL Network finished its top 100 players of 2011 countdown over the weekend, and Troy Polamalu came in at No. 6 … one spot behind Ed Reed. Peyton Manning and Tom Brady were second and first, respectively. I have no issue with Tom Brady taking the top spot as he really is one of the finest players I’ve ever seen. [Pro Football Talk]

– Maybe you missed it, but the city of Pittsburgh had a rally to celebrate Hines Ward winning Dancing With The Stars. There’s really nothing else to add. [Steelers]

– The second part of 2010 season in review. [Steelers]

– And for your random YouTube: here is William Gay’s AFC Championship game touchdown…

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  • kyle

    I don’t want to start one of the now-cliched Brady vs. Manning debates
    but…to me, Tom Brady is a system quarterback.  Before you type loudly
    at me, please allow me to explain.  He’s a great system quarterback. 
    He’s Joe Montana (except he’s nowhere near as good under assault as Joe
    was).  He has great field vision, he’s accurate, and he gets rid of the
    ball quickly.  He’s won 3 super bowls (though the kicker should have
    gotten the two MVPs Brady received).  He’ll be a first ballot hall of

    The problems I have with him are:  he’s a
    statue, for all the talk about not having the receivers Manning has had
    he’s had one hell of an offensive line pretty much his entire career
    (plus you don’t need Marvin Harrison when you mostly ask your receivers
    to run 8 yard outs and curls), if you hit him he’s done, average arm,
    I’ll leave the cheating for another topic. 

    I’m not
    upset that the guy was number one.  I knew he would be.  He had a
    monster year, or at least as monster a year as you can have without
    winning a playoff game.  Really, Ed Reed and Father Time (the tackle
    thief) being ahead of Troy bothered me more than anything else on that list.

    • Randy Steele

      But the Patriots did cheat. And they cheated a lot. And that should never be forgotten when discussing this team or its players.