Steelers Sign 15 Undrafted Free Agents

The Steelers announced on Tuesday morning that they’ve signed 15 undrafted free agents (real roster moves! Yeah!). Here is the list, via the team’s official website

Vaughn Charlton, TE/HB (Temple)
John Clay, HB (Wisconsin)
Terrence McCrae, WR (Ohio)
Armand Robinson, WR (Miami University)
Adam Mims, WR (Furman)
Weslye Saunders, TE (South Carolina)
Colin Miller, C (Central Michigan)
Trevis Turner, OT (Abilene Christian)
Brent Greenwood, S (Iowa)
Niles Brinkley, CB (Wisconsin)
Eric Clanton, OLB (Citadel)
Mario Harvey, MLB (Marshall)
Miguel Chavis, DE (Clemson)
Anthony Gray, DT (Southern Miss)
Eric Greenwood, WR (Idaho)

Some of those names (Mario Harvey, Anthony Gray, Weslye Saunders, for example) were mentioned as potential late-round draft targets for the Steelers. Is there a Willie Parker, James Harrison or Nate Washington in this group?

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  • JJ Cooper

    Saunders and Gray are two very nice signings. Talent-wise, there is no reason Saunders can’t make this team as a third tight end (although his attitude will play a big role in that) and Gray at worst could be a solid practice squad nose tackle who is groomed to replace Chris Hoke in 2012. If he plays well this preseason, he could speed up that timetable.

  • Mikereese

    I really like the Saunders signing, DJ may become the #2 TE, which is basically a glorified tackle and Saunders gives you upside and felxibility in the #3 TE role from what I read anout him

  • SteelerBill

    I would like to start or officially hop on the John Clay bandwagon…although I didn’t help ‘Frank the Tank’ much….

  • Randy Steele

    For what it’s worth, Wex likes this group very very very much. He is extremely high on Mario Harvey, so much so that he thinks he might replace Keyaron Fox, and adds that as a UDFA, Weslye Saunders could also prove to be a tremendous steal despite his mindless antics.

  • Steeler Stan

    There’s a lot to like about Harvey and Gray.  I like both more than our 6th and 7th round draft picks and I can’t remember the time I last felt that way.  I wouldn’t have complained at all if we had drafted Saunders either.  He certainly has a high ceiling.

  • Rob D

    Lots of potential in this group…The fact that many would have liked to take some of these guys in the draft is encouraging. Looks like the Steelers did their homework again..

  • Bob Costas

    PFT is reporting that Ike Taylor has agreed to a 4 year deal with the Steelers

  • Randy Steele

    Three more undrafted free agents signed by the Steelers are Ty Boyle, a defensive end from North Dakota; Joshua Harrison, an offensive tackle from South Carolina State; and Derek Chard, a long snapper from Connecticut.

    • Randy Steele

      Here’s one more: The Steelers added a 19th undrafted rookie free agent, Aaron Bates, a 6-foot, 198 pound punter from Michigan State. He left Michigan State ranked second in school history with 260 punts and seventh in punting average at 42.0.

      Say good-bye to Sepulveda?And is 19 UDFAs a record high number of signings for the Steelers? What’s up with that? Especially in a year without OTAs and a shortened pre-season?

      • Anonymous

        Sepulveda is good but hurt. Kapinos is bad but was able to play. Bringing in a punter was a good move.

  • EasyLikeSundayMorning

    Here’s a link, including a YouTube video, about the WR McCrae.  From it, you can tell that he’s tall and seems to have decent ball skills.  Can’t tell much about his speed or route running or his hands in general.  Looks like practice squad possibility.

  • Mike L

    It may look like 1 to 4 for these players will be able to contribute if Colbert’s track record holds true.
    The James Harrison holding rule is especially funny, and we wonder why he is so angry.