Baron Batch Out For Season With Torn ACL

Baron Batch, the Steelers seventh-round pick this season, has been one of the stars of training camp and, from the time he was drafted, a player that we’ve been pulling for to make the team. His story is fascinating, and he seems to be a talented young player with some potential that also seems to be a genuinely good person off the field.

He even gave us a chance to interview him shortly after the draft.

On Wednesday his season came to a close before it even had a chance to start when he tore his ACL in practice. And that’s disappointing. He’s already posted about it over on his personal blog.

I was anxious to see him play on Friday, simply because the reports on him at practice seemed to get better every day. He wasn’t likely to play a huge role this season (then again, Antonio Brown wasn’t supposed to play much of a role last season, either) but it still would have been nice to see him get a shot at earning some snaps in the third-down role.

This certainly opens the door last year’s sixth-round pick, Jonathan Dwyer, to make the roster, and could also give undrafted free agent John Clay a longer look in camp, and that’s assuming the Steelers don’t bring in another running back off the waiver wire or in free agency.

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  • SteelerBill

    Amazing how things happen isn’t it?  I mean does that mean that Dwyer, by default, get a shot that from all accounts he hasn’t earned yet?  And I haven’t heard/read much good about Clay….Tough blow for the kid….

  • Rob D

    Nice kid, nicer story,

    But RB’s are fungible. I am far more worried about our corner situation and our O-line. No disrespect to Baron, but the chances of him having even a minor role on this team were pretty nebulous. Hope he comes back and makes the team next year of course..We will all be pulling for him..

  • TO

    Not sure why so many are worked up about this.  He is a 7th round pick competing for the 4th string RB spot.  Outside of 2 injuries and no one left on the waiver wire, he would have been lucky to dress a single game.

    • Anonymous

      His story and personality have earned him fans. Much like one can root for the Steelers to do well, one can root for an individual to do well. As you say this isn’t really a major blow to the Steelers, but it is a major setback for Baron Batch, himself.