Steelers Lounge Podcast #46: Reggie Harrison

Hey, hey, hey … we’re back. Yes, the podcast was on a three-month hiatus, but, hey, what were we going to talk about? Ben’s wedding? Deebo calling Goodell the devil? Not to worry: we cover that and much, much, much more in this very special edition of the Steelers Lounge Podcast.

In addition to the offseason silliness, we discuss the current roster, including the offensive line, the secondary, and wideouts. In particular, Manny Sanders’ nagging injury, why we’re not upset that Plax settled on the Jets, and why this is the Year of Limas (or so the wishful thinking goes).

It’s good to be back. Conversatin’ starts below…

Steelers Lounge Podcast #46: Reggie Harrison

Steelers Lounge Podcast

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  • Anonymous

    Keenan Lewis’ lost time out was in the Super Bowl.  He really really reminds me of Troy Edwards.

    • ryan

      And I didn’t mention it on the podcast, but how many times did Lewis get stupid special teams penalties last season? I seem to remember at least two occasions where he was flagged for running out of bounds. 

      • Rob D

        Yep,,I have zero faith in that guy doing anything. He’s lost out there so many times that you really wonder about his instincts.

  • Edward Lyman


  • Randy Steele

    A couple insightful remarks by Brouchette this morning…

    “My sleeper pick in the early going is rookie tight end Weslye Saunders of South Carolina who did not play last season because he was caught violating NCAA rules. Had he played, he might have been a second-round pick; instead, he went undrafted. He looks like a stud. No. 44.
    “And everything you’ve heard about Baron Batch is true. He will make this team, replacing Jonathan Dwyer.”

    • Rob D

      Very encouraging..Batch seems to be a fan favorite already and his play seems to indicate that he’s more than just a great story and personality. His LB’ers on backs drill is already semi legendary..reminding me of Kendrell Bell blowing up Jerome Bettis in a goal line drill. I think Harrison’s back bad may have contributed a bit to his “win” but he did a terrific job anyway.

      Not being a huge fan of Matt Spaeth (although he improved his blocking a lot last year as JJ chronicled in some of his excellent summaries) I think it would be amazing to have another guy who can catch the ball and block at the TE position. THis Saunders guy looks like the real deal..I’ve read that he may have been a low first rounder if he had kept his nose clean. Now all we need is Sweed to burst forth.. for Timmons to continue his ascendance to Pro Bowl heights..for Polamalu and Silverback to heal.. for Ben to read some of the ridiculous rankings he has been given in comparison to other QB’s at ESPN et al…and for our secondary to settle down with a healthy McFadd and a happy Ike. And our cup shall runneth over.

  • Bob Costas

    The Steelers need to be under the cap by 4pm tomorrow.  I think they are ~7 million over the cap right now.  Anyone want to wager a guess as to what they’ll need to do to get under the cap?  Anybody else going to get cut?

  • Randy Steele

    If you trust Brouchette’s opinions, you can forget about Sweed making this team. Here are some of Brouchette’s remarks from PG-Plus this morning:

    “I have a better chance of making the roster than WR Limas Sweed. He took himself out of one passing drill Saturday because he hurt his wrist. When he came back and dropped a pass over the middle, he held his wrist as though it were to blame. Reminded me of the time he dropped the easy deep pass against the Ravens and laid on the ground, pretending to be injured. Later, he took himself out of practice to have his shoulder wrapped by one of the trainers. Afterward, Mike Tomlin said Sweed has a sprained shoulder. The only question remaining with Sweed is deciding which cutdown date to release him.”

    • Randy Steele

      I mean “Bouchette,” of course.