Steelers Lounge Podcast #59: Pats Preview – Jack Ham

We’re back for a quick look back at the win over the Cardinals before turning our attention to Sunday’s matchup with the Pats. And when we say “matchup” we really mean “lopsided get-together favoring Justin Beiber’s older brother.”

I’ll be honest, I have no expectations heading into this game. Not because I don’t think the Steelers can play with anybody in the league, just that Brady never has a bad game against Pittsburgh.  Gretz agrees, though JJ discusses the scenarios in which the Steelers have the best chance to win.

And just so you know: this episode is baby-tastic. JJ was home alone with his two kids and for the second straight week, my seven-week-old (now 40 percent older than when he made his first appearance) can be heard yelling in the background. So our apologies in advance.

Okey doke, let’s get to it…

Steelers Lounge Podcast #59: Patriots Preview

Steelers Lounge Podcast

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  • Edward Lyman

    Hampton and Smith were both out for the first time in week 5 I think. So…maybe the big days by Rice, Addai, and Foster were (at least partly) because Smith was playing injured?

  • Anonymous

    Comments before listening.  The two keys to the  game are no turnovers from Ben and a better-than-solid game by Ziggy Hood.  Either that or play #68 on the DL during the first quarter.

  • Anonymous

    After listening.
    If Belichek is going to sell out to stop Wallace, shouldn’t we hope to see him on one side with two defenders and #88, #84 and Heath on the other side? Perhaps with one of the three crossing before or after the snap.