View From 522: Steelers vs. Titans

Since Gretz is a season-ticket holder, he’s going to take a look at the debauchery and insanity that takes place in the Heinz Field stands after every home game he attends. And yes, this is one very late in the week and yes it’s random thrown together. I mean even more than usual.

Here’s an interesting social experiment. Take a person that has no knowledge of American culture. A random person that has no concept as to what the game of football is and everything that surrounds it every Sunday during the fall and winter. Take this person and drop them in a neighborhood around an NFL stadium on game day and see what happens.

What would this person think?

Here’s a short of list of things I witnessed on Sunday during the Steelers’ 38-17 win.

– I watched a guy carrying a 24-pack of Miller Lite in one arm, with the top ripped open as if it were under attack by a pack of wild animals, while he used his free hand to reach into the case and pull out can after can, pop the top, and pound them down one right after another.

– I watched a guy brag about how he wanted to fight a street vendor because the cooler marked “Gatorade: $2.00″ was actually filled with Powerade. A cause for disappointment? Maybe if you own stock in Gatorade. Or really, really like it. But worth fighting over? Hardly.

– At one point during the second half two cops walked up the steps of our section and made their way to the top of the stadium. This caught the attention of everybody as we were all expecting somebody to get hauled out in handcuffs, most likely kicking and screaming. Once they reached the top of the section they simply hung out and started talking and laughing, all while everybody else anxiously watched them. I imagine the conversation involved something along the lines of, “Look at all of those dumbasses waiting for us to arrest somebody.”

1) Somewhere on our walk to the stadium I dropped my Terrible Towel and lost it. This is at least the fourth time I have done this over the years at Heinz Field, so naturally I purchased a new one. And the new ones, if I may say so myself, suck. I wanted a classic, original Terrible Towel.

One like this…

I was only able to come away with one packed with multiple logos. Not the same. But whatever. Amazingly, on our way back from the stadium I ended up dropping the new one, too, only to have a fine citizen behind me pick it up and give it back to me.

2) Somebody was happy to see Max Starks back, and I’m not just talking about Ben Roethlisberger…

3) Most random jersey of the day: Emmitt Smith University of Florida…

4) Second most random jersey of the day: Cam Newton…

5) Apparently these are now a big deal, as we saw at least three of them on Sunday.

6) Beautiful day…

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  • Anonymous

    You can still get the older style terrible towel. Search online for a “vintage” or “throwback” one.

  • eddie

    same thing happened to my terrible towel…  i was tailgating at stillers at niners (2003).  i was pretty wasted, and between the tailgate and the stadium gate, i lost my towel…  i’m 98% sure some jagoff stole it from me.

    i was so pissed, and i agree, the new ones (even in 2003) are like laminated or screen printed, and the “towel” is more like a costco t-shirt…

    i couldn’t buy one of those, so i bought me one off ebay.  good luck getting a new one!