Chattin’ Thread for the Week of Nov. 7

It could be worse: the Ravens coulda swept the Steelers this season — oh, wait…

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  • Hoffstra323

    We had enough depth at line to play a hybrid 3-4 and we should have done that. Mike Tomlin has said about playing guys that are healthy, and not just anointing starters, especially guys that are coming off of injury. I dont think Jason Worilds earned his start. My main point is that on first or second down you cant have anyone up front who is a liability against the run when you play the ravens, and we had the guys to fill the voids. They should have moved Keisel around more as the 3-4 end/linebacker. with guys like ziggy, hampton, Mclendon, and Heyward we had the depth to do it. Worilds had not been in a game for weeks and they put him on the field to start? just does not seem like a responsible decision. 
    We should take this loss with a grain of salt thou, We got beat and the Ravens deserved the win. I still see a Pittsburgh team that is on the rise. We played a heck of a lot better than we did the first game. Look at how well the offensive line played, I thought they did a great job. Max Starks who I said may just be the teams savior played a great game. Also Antonio Brown has become Ben’s favorite target, and I think this will pay dividends. If teams double up on Wallace you will have guys like brown, sanders, and miller open all day. I have also been saying that we need to get Jerricho Cotchery involved more. I dont care how great our young guys are, Cotchery is a playmaker, and he showed some off his natural talents last night. Especially his ability to catch tipped balls. He has great awareness and body control and he possesses other skills that cant be taught. All of which are at the steelers disposal, needs to get off the bench more. Hines needs to get healthy and is still a great asset to our team. 
    One big negative thou… Bruce Arians needs to stop calling those stupid short passes out to the sidelines. That is the biggest amateur play ever. Those are plays that you dial up for rookie quarterbacks and guys that have no confidence. They are also a high risk play. But hey if you want to set other teams up for pick six’s then so be it. Big boys like Ben pass the ball down field.Steelers fans should not be crying about the refs for this game. I hate the officiating as much if not more than anybody, but that holding call at the start of the game was bogus, that should have been a ray rice TD. While the refs did make some bad calls against us, that was the biggest gaffe of the game. The refs ruin many games and some of these new rules are ridiculous. plays should only be allowed to be overturned if there is an obvious mistake. If its real close it should be left the way it was called. They have no consistency.

    • Cols714

      I totally disagree about the WR quick screens. Those have been working for the Steelers for years. Wallace has had some good gains this year and Santonio in the Super Bowl had two or three of them.

      The problem was that Suggs read the play, Ben made the decision to throw it anyways, and then Suggs made an extremely athletic interception.

      Unfortunate and preventable, but those plays have been working all year and I don’t think they should go away from them.

      But yes, the team in general is still playing well and besides the awful late defense and the stupidity of pressing the Ravens one on one with the safety not playing deep enough on the last play, they look like Super Bowl contenders. Of course getting through the playoffs as a 5 seed instead of a 1 or 2 is going to be tough. Which is why last night’s loss hurts so much.

      • Hoffstra323

        it makes no sense to call those plays when you have defenders lined up near the line. We now have the most lethal and deep receiving core in the league. Maybe they work for the past few years, but still not a big play by any means. Over the past few years that play might average five yards or so, but give me a defender who has a nose for the ball and he is taking it the other way for six… which is exactly what would have happened if suggs did not fall down.

        • Cols714

          They’ve worked this year just fine. Look, it might have been a bad call but I don’t know. It looked like the screen was set up to succeed and Suggs made a great play. Ben should have seen Suggs and not thrown the ball. But still, 99% of the time the LB just knocks the ball harmlessly away instead of intercepting it.

          And no, he would not have gone all the way for six and that hasn’t happened. Those plays have worked.

          • David

            But, in fairness to Suggs, he made the pick. On their last drive, Foote had the same opportunity and just batted the ball.

          • Smheart78

            No, when a play call has 2 interceptions in the limited # of times used, it is not effective. I would like to see a breakdown of the outcome of the plays this year after 9 games.

          • Cols714

            Wait. One of the picks was when the players didn’t know the play call (vs Jacksonville) and the other one was a great read and great play by the LB. 

            So yeah, 2 picks when using that play probably a hundred times over the last four years? One was a complete fluke and the other a great play? Yep, I think the play is still good.

          • Hoffstra323

            Forget about the past four years and look at this year. as the game evolves and things change defenses get used to seeing things. You were right thou, i just looked at the play and most likely would not have been a pick six. Another thing about the risk of the play thou, if you throw the ball deep down field and its picked off chances are that throw could have been just as good as a punt, you get picked at the line thou and its all the more painful. I am not going to make excuses about who knew the plays or not, T suggs did make a nice play thou. you can’t deny the fact that it puts a team in a very vulnerable position thou.

          • GlennW

            Every team in the NFL uses those quick WR screens to some extent, and they’re especially effective when the CB is playing soft.  As with any other play call, you make the call based on what you think the defense will look like, and the QB adjusts accordingly with his reads.  You don’t just tear legitimate, fairly routine plays from the playbook based on a couple failures (if you did you wouldn’t have a playbook left after a while).  Especially when we can’t execute a RB screen worth a damn.

          • Hoffstra323

            I would like to see a break down of the bubble screen. Im not saying to never use it, i just think it is a weak play call. If u see no defenders on the line thou and they are giving us a 10 yard cushion or so, then by all means call it. I think it would suit Antonio brown the best

  • Cols714

    So the Ravens sweep the Steelers and give Harbaugh a Gatorade shower and then he tackled his GM in joy after the game, resulting in a bloody chin.

    Seriously? This is how they celebrate? It makes me extremely glad that Tomlin is our coach. Big win by the Ravens, yes, but it wasn’t even a playoff victory.

  • ecks

    i’m more concerned the quick screen came at the end of a long no huddle drive, similar to the pick against the jaguars (i think) from earlier this year. can’t be getting to predictable.

  • Hoffstra323

    I respect Deion for what he said about the Steelers this week. He took the words right out of my mouth, and perhaps even worded it a bit better. The steelers are the best team in the Division. Regardless if they win it or not. When we see the ravens again in the playoffs a third time will be a charm.

  • Anonymous

    Would it have been worse if the Steelers had made that FG that they didn’t try, then given up an eighty yard TD drive and a two point Ray Rice conversion?

  • Joel Miller

    TOX stats are out…and my initial impression was correct.  Steelers outplayed the Ravens.  Teams with a +2 TOX win approximately 80% of the time.  Steelers had +2…just ultimately got unlucky.

  • EasyLikeSundayMorning

    I’ve never seen Andy Dalton play but I saw highlights of his last game.  Man, that guy has a gun and seems to throw a very catchable ball.  If it is true that he’s also smart and careful with the football, he’ll be no easy opponent this weekend.  Or in the coming years. 

    As a point of comparison, I’ve never seen Andrew Luck play, either, but all the highlights I’ve seen are lobs and rainbows compared to Dalton’s frozen ropes. 

    • Anonymous

      Dalton’s looked pretty good in the games I’ve watched. Not scary QB who will take over a game to beat you kind of good, but solid starter good. I can see him developing into a top tier guy.

  • EasyLikeSundayMorning

    I was looking at the schedule for us, BAL and CIN for the remainder of the season.  It seems pretty likely that we’ll know within the next 10 days whether we’ll have a realistic chance of winning the division.  This week, we play at CIN and BAL plays at SEA (who are good at home).  Next week, CIN is at BAL and we have a bye.  If we win this week and BAL loses both, we’re in pretty good shape.  If not, there aren’t many other games that look like obvious loses for either BAL or CIN until they play each other in week 17.  BAL does have SF but at home, and they are at SD, but the Chargers are now 4-5 after losing last night to OAK.  Until week 17, CIN’s only hard game (other than play in PIT in a few weeks) is a home game against the Texans.  Of course, crazy things can always happen…

    • David


      All true. Also, it is Week 10, so a lot of games to separate the pretenders and contenders.

      I’m taking the positives: our improved O-line, our WRs, and our return game. Brown will break a KR/PR soon.

      BTW, Farrior will play, as will Troy. Woodley’s out. I imagine our D game plan is to stop the run and have Dalton beat us with our D-line/LBs vs. their O-line, Ike vs. Green.