Steelers Lounge Podcast #60: Pats Recap – Brian Blankenship

It took us an extra day but trust us, it’s worth it: here’s your Patriots-Steelers recap. JJ and I spend a good 45 minutes discussing, well, just about everything that happened Sunday from Dick LeBeau’s change in strategy, to the athletic cornerbacks who now allow him to do it, to Ben pulling a Brady and taking the short and intermediate throws (featuring the tight end, no less), as well as the stellar play of the offensive line.

More than that, this victory had very little to do with the stars aligning and was more a function of the Steelers now having the personnel to compete with the Patriots on every play. That’s not to say Brady won’t get hot and beat them, but he can’t just have an okay afternoon and expect to waltz to a 20-point win, especially not with that Pats’ secondary.

Which led us to a long segment on demystifying the Legend of Belichick’s Brain. There’s no arguing that he’s a great coach, but he doesn’t seem to be much of a general manager, at least not lately.

Note: we taped this Tuesday morning so we hadn’t yet heard the PG report that Woodley wouldn’t play against the Ravens, nor did we know that Manny Sanders will have to have his knee examined. (Manny also lost his mother Tuesday — thoughts to him and his family.)

Okey doke, let’s get to it…

Steelers Lounge Podcast #60: Patriots Recap

Steelers Lounge Podcast

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  • Anonymous

    If we’re playing the “best win since” game then my vote goes for “since Week 13 2010 @ Baltimore.” No 1A for me, that win was better than this. If post-season counts then it’s even easier, “since last AFCCG.”

  • Anonymous

    The 15 yard line.

  • Anonymous

    Best regular season win since the James Harrison game in 2007, after two bad losses to the Ravens in 2006.

  • Anonymous

    Everything you say about Suisham is valid except one thing.  He was three for four while Gostkowski was one for two.  So if you make a deal about his one miss, you have to note the other kicker who was way worse.

    • Rob D

      Good point Israel..I hope Suisham gets more elevation on his kicks in the future though..he’s in great danger of being blocked if teams study tape.

      I miss Skippy..that is the “good Skippy” not his evil twin..

      • Bob Costas

        Too late, remember the end of the 1st half against Houston?

      • Anonymous

        I miss Gary Anderson.

        Actually… can he still kick?

  • eddie

    how is it possible that the podast #60 isn’t named after greg warren?!?!  after he tore his ACL and tried to walk off the field before having his leg collapse, that guy deserves something!

  • Jfishel

    How bad is Shaun Suisham? 
    Lets look at his statistics for anyone who has kicked at least ten field
    goals this season.

    He is next to last in field goal percentage for any kicker
    who has kicked over ten field goals this season, beating only Matt Praeter who
    has 10 attempts.

    He is fourth to last in how far his longest field goal was,
    (48) beating out Gostowski, Henerey, and Mare.

    Inside of 20 yards he is a perfect 1-1 on field goals.

    From 20-29 yards he is 5-5.

    From 30-39 yards he is only 3-5.

    From 40-49 yards he is 4-7.

    He has not attempted a 50+ yarder.

    3 of his missed field goals are at home, while two are on
    the road.

    His longest field goal at home in Heinz field is against NE,
    a 33 yarder.  His longest on the road is
    48 against Indy.

    The upshot seems to be that inside of 30 yards he is money,
    and outside of that he is about 50/50. (slightly better at 7-12)

    I shudder to look at his stats kicking as conditions worsen
    at Heinz field.  I hope he is able to
    make some adjustments, because 50/50 from 30+ yards will not cut it in the
    playoffs.  Many potential playoff teams
    have very good kickers in the 40+ yard category, including CIN, DAL, BUF, BAL,
    ATL, SD.  That’s no surprise, but we are
    at a significant disadvantage in how efficient the offense has to be in order
    to safely put three points on the board.All stats taken from ESPNGO

    • Jfishel

      We can also see where the misses are at home and away.  We don’t want him trying a 40 yarder at home.  He can’t do it.

      • Jfishel

        Oh wow, sorry about the formatting  It was in a table pre-post.  Anyway, he is 4/4 kicking 40+ yards away from home, but at Heinz field he is 0/3.

  • EasyLikeSundayMorning

    I wonder if Suisham’s accuracy on longer kicks is impacted by being a more straight-ahead kicker.  The wind really seemed to take his first kickoff wildly to the left and out of bounds when, on TV, it looked like it started going straight down the field. This would also explain why he’s perfect on short FGs and PATs but gets worse at longer distances.

    And JJ and Ryan, thanks for the nice words at the end of the podcast.  Maybe it will start a trend of reader guest posts.  As an example, I’d be interested in Israel bringing back his QB rating analyses.  On a related note, I’d be interested in an analysis of conventional QB rating or the new ESPN Total QBR and whether either fully captures what Ben does well and poorly.