Steelers Lounge Podcast #61: Ravens Recap – Sean Mahan

Joe Flacco drove the Ravens 92 yards with just over two minutes to go and scored the go-ahead touchdown — in Pittsburgh, no less — to beat the Steelers Sunday. I know Gretz said this loss was more painful than the Week 1 beatdown, but unlike what happened to the Steelers in September, there are plenty of positives to take from the most recent loss.

For starters, Deebo’s back. Perhaps more important: the offensive line had its best game in several seasons (I mention it on the podcast, but can someone on the coaching staff explain why Starks was released again? No, he ain’t Orlando Pace, but not not Jonathan Scott, either). Big Ben and the wideouts continue to get better, though I wonder if Ward has played his last meaningful game in this Ravens rivalry.

We talk about this and a bunch of other stuff, including the six-and-freaking-two Bengals, the next team on Pittsburgh’s schedule. (For what it’s worth, JJ and I both think the Steelers will make the playoffs though winning the AFC North is probably a pipe dream at this point.)

Talking starts promptly…

Steelers Lounge Podcast #61: Ravens Recap

Steelers Lounge Podcast

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  • Cols714

    The sucky thing about the loss was that the Steelers had this game won and then sort of gave it away. It’s going to most likely mean the difference between a #1 or #2 seed and a #5 or #6 seed. Sort of like what happened to the Ravens last year.

    It totally sucks. I will never understand the defensive play call or what Ryan Clark was doing. A totally preventable (with prevent!) loss.

    • Drsyme

      Both of us were 12-4 last year.  The difference was a dropped pass in the end zone in your game against Buffalo, do you remember that?  If that guy catches the pass, you end up 11-5 and we win the division and get the home game in the playoffs.  That is how close this rivalry is.

      • David

        Is that why your coach got a Gatorade bath after beating us Sunday? Is that why your coach got a bloody chin after tackling your owner after the game?

        No, while the head-to-head may be close, your team obviously seems to think otherwise.

    • Kklapkowski

      The more I thought about it, why not rush three and leave 8 guys on the goal line?  That last is kind of hyperbole, but really – you have to keep that pass in front of you with 8 seconds left, the ball on the 26 and they need a touchdown to score…

      • Gpclay

        “to score a touchdown to win” I mean

  • Cols714

    Did the Ravens really give Harbough a Gatorade bath after the game? How pathetic. They really do treat every Steelers game like it is the Super Bowl.

    • David

      Yes they did.

      Kind of like when we beat the Brady and the Patsies, finally, and Tomlin got one. Oh, wait, he didn’t, b/c it’s NOT the playoffs or SB.

      Geez, kind of tells you how much the Raisins think about us.

  • kevin

    There is a very real chance that the Steelers have the second best record in the AFC but the 5th second. 

    • David

      A very, very real possibility, unless the Raisins are still drunk from their celebration and lose to SEA.

      • Anonymous

        Well, there is San Francisco and the Bengals have two shots.  On the other hand, the Bengals have two shots at the Steelers as well.

        • Anonymous

          The Bengals and 49ers are good teams. Schedule comparison:
          Steelers: Chiefs, Browns, Rams
          Ravens: Seahawks, Colts, Chargers

          Of course the Begals themselves could take the division as well.

      • Joel Miller

        And that just happened…


    Do I really have to say it?…Sean Mahan??…REALLY???…my sense of humor died last night and wont be back any time soon…that memorial made me puch my desk…please don’t do that kinda stuff again…ever…thanks…

  • Anonymous

    I do not now and have never disliked Suggs. In fact I like him a lot as a player. I can’t go so far as to say I want him starting on the Steelers since I think Woodley is better. His off the field behavior seems to me to be just plain healthy competitive spirit. Moreover he’s actually fairly respectful and not a prima donna. It’s exactly the right behavior of a good sportsman with an emotional personality.

    I “hate” the Ravens team because they’re a rival and it’s more fun to hate them. I have some antipathy for Harbaugh because he’s arrogant, not Cowboys arrogant, but he nearly always come across and very full of himself and self-congratulatory, and that’s off-putting. But whatever, that’s no big deal. Ed Reed is a bit of a hothead, and I get tired of him being compared with Polamalu, but agains, bleh. The only Raven I actually hate is Ray Lewis and that’s nothing to do with him as a football player. I hate Ray Lewis because he killed a man in a bar fight and then got away with it by being famous, making a mockery of the justice system in Maryland.

    • Cols714

      Agreed. We’d love Suggs if he was a Steelers. Sort of like Joey Porter. Ed Reed too. I hate Lewis and I think Harbaugh is an idiot.

    • David

      I have to hand it to him, as he’s kind of mellowed out since his Thuggs days of cheap hits, late hits, arrogant talk, and “I hate the Steelers” T-shirts. I guess that’s what losing to us will do to you: give you some humility (joke).

      But still, I don’t like him. Ditto on Reed, ditto on Ray Ray the criminal. Actually, I don’t think there’s anyone on that team I like. From the days of Motormouth Sharpe, Bart Scott, James Trapp, etc. etc., I just cant’ like anyone there. The only former player for them I liked, which was our former player, was Rod Woodson.

      BTW, I lived in BAL for 5 years and had to live and hear 24/7 how much they were better than us, even though they haven’t remotely compared to our success.

    • Drsyme

      It was in Georgia.

      • Anonymous

        Oh yeah. Good catch.

  • bleedingsteel

    The fact is these are the 2 best teams in the AFC and the game should come down to the last seconds, but shame on us for letting them go 92 yards in 2 minutes to win.  I think we played well but can’t believe we couldn’t hold them.

  • Rob D

    After watching the Bears outscore the Eagles tonight, I think anything is possible this year in the NFL. Even Cutler looked like a world beater for a bit tonight. Look at how the Pats have fallen on their ass..hard..mere weeks after their praises were being sung by the usual suspects at ESPN and other (cough..NFL network..cough) places not to be named.

    The Pack can score points in bunches but they also feature a pass D that makes ours look like the Mel Blount era has returned. AS the weather turns colder, its going to be harder to put up 45 pts to cover for a faulty defensive secondary. So, to me, the best team right now has a major weakness that can’t be fixed easily or at all. I like our balance, the youth that seems to get better every week (Brown, Sanders (wish he had played this week but understand why he didn’t) ,Hood, Cortez Allen, Gilbert to go along with the vets who will surely turn it up as we hit the stretch run, beginning with Cincy this week. We may not win it all, but I like our team a lot. Noone’s perfect and that includes Dick Lebeau.

    This game against Cincy is massive. We can’t afford to lose another divisional game and I don’t think we will. But then again, I thought Baltimore would be clobbered by a bent on revenge Steelers squad. I also thought San Fran would be 1-7 at this point though so you might want to take anything I say with a mountain of salt..

  • Drsyme

    For the record I want you to know that even as a Raven fan, I love Mike Tomlin.

    • Rob D

      Now that was nice of you to say..
      Great win for your team..these games are ones we’ll tell our grandchildren about. Fierce battles with, I think, a lot of respect between the teams. No quarter given but still a professional level of respect.

  • Anonymous

    Hines will agree to a significant pay cut if he is close to a thousand receptions but not there yet.  His legacy is more important to him than money.

  • Frankthebuc

    Go to game rewind and look at the pass protection for the 1st Ravens game vs. the 2nd Ravens game.   You will see a notable difference.   In the 2nd game, Starks had RB or TE help 8 out of 10 snaps.  In addition, there were no 7 step drops in the 2nd game.    You can’t compare the two games because Arians adjusted the scheme.