View From 522: Steelers vs. Patriots

Since Gretz is a season-ticket holder, he’s going to take a look at the debauchery and insanity that takes place in the Heinz Field stands after every home game he attends. And yes, this is one very late in the week and yes it’s random thrown together. I mean even more than usual.

Like Ryan, I approached Sunday’s game against New England with no expectations. Even when the Steelers were controlling the game and leading by 10 points in the fourth quarter I still figured the Patriots were going to find a way to pull it out, as they always seem to do.

But they didn’t this time, and if the Steelers red zone offense had been better on even one of those many trips, this game is probably a blow out. It was exciting, it was fun, and it was one of the best regular season atmosphere’s at Heinz Field in quite some time.

Some thoughts and observations…

– That was one of the least efficient days Tom Brady has had throwing the football in about five years. Before Sunday’s game I made a comment to Ryan asking him if he thought the Steelers corners were playing closer to the line this season, and neither one of us could come up with a definitive answer other than, “it seems that way.” It definitely was that way on Sunday.

There were times over the first four games that the Steelers defense looked to be old, slow and done, but they managed to shut down one of the best offenses the NFL has seen over the past 20 years using a lineup that, on any given play, consisted of Keenan Lewis, Cortez Allen, Chris Carter or Stevenson Sylvester. Nobody saw that coming. I mean, I’ve been a bigger believer in the Steelers’ pass defense than most over the past couple of seasons, but that was an impressive showing.

And suddenly, the Steelers (offense and defense) looks like the Steelers again.

– I’m not surprised the Steelers won a game by throwing the football 50-plus times. I’m surprised there are still people (national and local) that are still surprised by this. It’s a passing team and has been for about five years now.

– Bill Belichick is on the field complaining to an official after every single play. This is not hyperbole. He is out there every. Single. Play. This drove my dad and me nuts. And Belichick is not just complaining to the ref, he’s all the way out by the numbers. Every play.

– What a collection of random jersey’s: Packers, Browns, Dolphins, Cowboys, 49ers, Toronto Maple Leafs, Winnipeg Jets (Thomas Steen — the original, real Winnipeg Jets).

There was also this guy, who appeared in a Terrell Owens Dallas Cowboys jersey. He was apparently dressed as “looking for work” Owens as he was carrying a cardboard sign that read, “Will work for food.” He’s also, as you can see, wearing black face. This is not a good idea.

– Other Halloween costumes: A guy wearing a Gene Simmons costume, a “Terrible Turtle,” which is just what it sounds like: a turtle with a Terrible Towel-themed shell. Oh, and the President! He was holding a sign that said “Vote for Tomlin ’12″

– One of our first Steely McBeam sightings of the season…

– The Occupy Pittsburgh movement has grown since we last checked in. Unfortunately, the “I’m really pissed off” sharpie-on-cardboard sign was nowhere to be found.

– This blurry picture doesn’t do it justice, but Pittsburgh at night is just a beautiful sight…

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  • Anonymous

    Don’t be surprised about the surprise. Pass first or run first, or whatever, in NFL history there have been only 34 games where a QB has thrown at least 50, completed at least 35, and actually won the game. And of those 34, only 5 had greater margins of victory. Yeah I’m cherry picking the cutoffs, but the point is that such prolific passing is rare for team holding the lead no matter what team it is.

    Actually if I get rid of the 35 completion requirement and just keep the 50 attempts, I find only 8 games with a larger margin of victory.

    • Matt

      i’m guessing Drew Brees has like 4 of those wins?  I swear the saints throw it so much

  • Rob D

    I was really anticipating this game for weeks, despite the fact that I believe the Pats are regular season wonders the last few years much like the Chargers of the 80`s. And now their D is starting to resemble the below mediocre talent of those Super Chargers (TM)

    My head told me the Steelers SHOULD win, but history weighed in heavily and I wondered if it would be the same old, same old. Thankfully, it wasn’t and with a little more luck, they would have blown them out. I hope this is the beginning of “the Pats just don’t match up well with the Steelers” type of era which we all suffered through in reverse for years.Lebeau having additional talent to work with should bode well for a continuation of Steeler dominance.

    I’d love to attend one of these type of games at Heinz but I really would like to make my first game there a divisional rival one..say Baltimore or Cincy. Those must carry an extra charge but I would say beating the Pats is probably a huge psychological hurdle for this team going forward. Drew Brees and Aaron Rodgers shouldn’t have their way with us if we play this type of D and the O continues to evolve with our YMC.

    Always enjoy these posts…