Week 12: Steelers-Chiefs Game Thread

Consider this your chattin’ thread…

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  • Rob D

    Hello? Is this thing on? 
    Cool. Cleveland up on Cincy at the half

    Worried about Ben’s thumb today..and for the playoffs. Kind of taking the edge of my enthusiasm. 

  • Sarah

    Annd the Brownies find a way to lose…..sigh….

  • Anonymous

    So far not so good football this week. Bengals win. Ravens win their hardest remaining game. Jets win. Dallas wins. Green Bay wins. Tennessee wins.

  • Rob D

    Gawd,,there are a lot of bad football teams this year. WATChing the EAgles with Vince at QB and that preseason Dream Team D is painful. NE looks to have righted the ship but I don’t think they’d do what they are doing today against us or Baltimore.

    The team I fear the most is and shall remain NE till we beat them in a playoff game.

  • David

    Yep, that was a pretty bad football weekend. But if we take care of business tonight and the rest of the season, we’ll control our own destiny to XLVI, since I still think the Raisins will lose at least one more.

    But man, GB looks like another 16-0 team. Hopefully, they’ll suffer the same fate by us that the other 16-0 team did in the SB.

  • JB

    Here we go!!!

  • Sunilramalingam

    How can we let these guys beat us?

  • Randy Steele

    It can never be easy, can it.

    • David

      Nope. Wallace’s TD drop and the pick by Ben killed us. Wallace let it go right thru his mitts and Ben assumed that the safety wouldn’t be there after the look off. He also under threw it.

  • jgretz

    as far as i’m concerned the D ended up doing their job. Scweezy not only did his job, but did it better than anyone should have expected him to. That offense was a train wreck

  • David

    That was one of the strangest games I ever watched us play. A lot of that had to do with their D.

    But it didn’t help that Wallace dropped two passes, one for a sure TD and the other a probable one.

    But Heath and Brown had drops, too.

    I was telling myself after Ben’s pick that we would probably win 13-12.

  • Rob D

    This is the kind of game where you think “Nope. Not a playoff team” But there are ALWAYS these kind of games during the year and now that it’s crunch time, everybody is playing to make one last shot at getting to the playoffs and/or playing for jobs. We walked into a hornet’s nest. I think the field conditions contributed the to the sluggish feel of the Steelers offense but KC looked pretty good to start the game with the hurry up which befuddled our D.

    A win is a win.

    The real problem is that these Steelers cannot stay healthy for any length of time. Pouncey, I suppose, is just the flu or something but that was a critical loss of our best O-line guy. Polamalu took out 290 lbs of man but got a knee to the head for his efforts. Is this the start of another series of injuries for the hell bent for leather safety? Stay tuned next week kids..Woodley was missed and Harrison didn’t get much going in this one although he played pretty well overall. Kiesel blew up that sure thing 3rd down run. Good thing cause the guy would have picked up 15 on that thing. Yuk.

    Drops everywhere as David points out below..Brown had one go right through him and it seemed to be catching. EVen sure handed Heath got his hands on one that I thought he would bring in. But it was a toughie compared to the Wallace drops. Not much of a running game and I was getting scared that KC was going to run it down the field the whole drive at one point.

    I’m putting this one down as just one of those games that you just have to win by luck, perserverance or just plain grinding. I’m putting it away and glad for a win in Arrowhead. Kudos to KC (except for Bowe who embarrased himself, his team and his QB on the last play..wow. that was pathetic)

    • David

      RobD, all true my friend.

      Look at it this way: we avoided the losing-to-teams-with-losing-records, something the Raisins did not do

      But I cannot overstate the performance of their D. They outplayed our D schematically. When D’s do that, it is imperative that we don’t miss opportunities, a la, dropped passes.

      Like you said, it’s a win and we close the season with 3 home games (very winnable), one very winnable game at CLE, and @ SF who the Raisins showed how to beat with good D.

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    Woodley was missed and Harrison didn’t get much going in this one although he played pretty well overall. 

  • Jason M

    It’s AFC North matchups for the division this upcoming weekend, and obviously both games are vital for all teams involved. I wanted to point out the Ravens@Browns game matches the profile of the previous traps the Ravens fell into: under-performing host opponent with strong D. Furthermore the Ravens are coming off a long break following an emotional win. This might be the best remaining chance for us to see the Ravens to give up their lead in the standings.

  • Cols714

    I thought Worilds looked good. The secondary played well. But the OL just does not play well on the road. Which is bad since we are most likely looking at road playoff games this year.

    • Hoffstra323

      Thats a good point, one that could easily prevent us from winning another title. Just like last year when Pouncey got knocked out right away, sure Doug filled in and did a fine job but he is just not Maurkice. when one of our starters go out it its always apparent. We have to draft linemen for sure. Kemouatu will most likely be gone and they are starting to replace him with Doug legursky.  I like Doug a lot but his compact size will always keep him from being a solid every down linemen. Ramon Foster is similar in the fact that he was just never really projected to be an every down linemen in the nfl. Pittsburgh needs to stop coming into the season with patchwork offensive linemen. I understand that injuries cause this to a certain extent, but when you go into your season starting guys like Jonathan Scott you are making a statement about your team that you do not want to make. Steelers will take the best guys available, which i think is the way to do it, I just hope we get a guard in the first round. It always makes me laugh when i look back to the past and I see all these running backs that got drafted so high. Now a days running backs are a dime a dozen. It never made any sense to me.

  • John Noh

    OK, so you know the cliche of the NFL being a “copy cat league”? Watch every team run the the hurry-up offense against the Steelers from now on. A quarterback even marginally better than Palko might have had a field day against that vanilla base D the Steelers were forced to run. We need Woodley back and fast. Worilds isn’t cutting it right now.

    • Cols714

      Whatever. How many times have we heard this? Then the Steelers go out and have a top 5 defense seemingly every year.They even beat the mighty Patriots this year.

      The defense played pretty well last night. They got 3 picks for the love. And I think Worilds looked pretty good out there. Not as good as Woodley, but Woodley is one of the best OLB in the game right now.

      • Rob D

        I thought the condition of the field played a big factor in the overall sloppy play, especially of the Steelers D during the early stages of the game when KC was running the hurry up. Bad footing probably contributed to some of the Steeler drops as well. Heinz Field takes a lot of heat for its condition, but Arrowhead was its rival last night IMO.
        Watching the Saints tonight playing on carpet and it only points out how much more precise the teams can be when they aren’t taking a divot the size of Delaware with every step

    • EasyLikeSundayMorning

      I’d like to see a comparison of the performance of the Steelers D against their opponents’ first drive vs. the rest of the game.  My (uninformed by hard data) impression is that they tend to give up a fair amount of yards and points on the first drive, LeBeau sees what they are doing and adjusts, and our D is much more effective after that.  Until, of course, the last drive when we go into a semi-prevent and either give up a late score (BAL) or get a turnover (NE, CIN, KC).

      As for the hurry-up, it is a high-risk, high-reward strategy.  Sure, the D can’t substitute and it is harder to call exotic schemes.  But the O also has to maintain excellent communication, which is difficult even with a huddle and time to think.  An O can usually get things right for a drive or so, but it is hard to do it more without running a wrong route and giving up a bad pick.

    • Randy Steele

      I’d like to have had Woodley back, too, but all-in-all, I thought Worilds held up pretty well.

      And yes, Palko looked dreadful, but it wasn’t quite all his fault. He and his receivers, especially Baldwin, were not in sync until late in the game. For the Chiefs’ offense, there was lots of blame to pass around.

      Many teams have run a hurry-up offense against the Steelers in the past, and it works… for a while. But usually the Steelers catch up to it and make them pay, getting the ball back pretty quickly. With Polamalu out, the Chiefs’ hurry-up offense became more of a problem for LeBeau. But eventually the Steelers did adapt to it.

      Looking back on the game, this is what stood out to me:
      1) Arrowhead might be the most difficult outdoor stadium for a visiting team to play in the NFL, hence several penalties resulting from poor communication;
      2) the Chiefs have a very good defense, hence several missed blocks and holding penalties by the offensive line;
      3) and a couple fewer dropped balls by the Steelers’ receivers would have resulted in an entirely different outcome. Wallace in particular looked pretty lame.

      • David

        Exactly, with point #3. If Wallace catches that pass–no, it wasn’t overthrown like he said–it would have been 7-0. That was the play right before the fumble. And the halftime score would’ve been 17-6.

        Like they say, IF a frog had wings, he wouldn’t bump his butt hopping. But we won.

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  • Cols714

    Does anyone write here anymore?

    • EasyLikeSundayMorning

      Do joomla developers count?

      • Cols714

        I know it’s free and I don’t want to sound like a whiny asshole, but there has been a distinct lack of content since Ted’s 18 part series on the Steelers.

        • countertorque

          The bye week is running a little long

  • Hiddenaway

    where’s the Chief’s recap podcast? 

  • Yeludaja

    did the websites writers go somewhere else? what is going on? If I wanted to chat instead of read, id go to a chat room

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_UR6KXGPFIFYZSVJNCXCJNHDQJQ Bob Costas

      Yeah it has been a suspiciously long time since somebody posted, well, anything.  I just went and looked and Ryan and Adam have been regularly posting at the sites they’re paid to write for.  I’m guessing that they’re all too busy with their real jobs, families, holidays, etc. 

      Sucks for us.

  • Rob D

    Abandoned to our fates!

    O, cruel world.

    Seriously, Is this site doing a HSS’s slow fade to oblivion?

  • Rob D

    This is the second site to go away without warning. Postgameheroes bit the biscuit in Sept with no explanation. Nothing against Ryan and Co. but a short note to explain would help. Heck, just post links to the work you’re doing for other sites. We all lead busy lives etc..just a head’s up would ensure that most of us won’t drift away permanently.

    • Jfishel

      I saw postgameheroes go down too.  Mondesis House, for those who remember, bit the dust due to some tragedy (I believe the guys family member was sick).  He gave warning, though.

      Guess that’s how the web goes.