Steelers Lounge Podcast #66: Broncos Preview – Alan Faneca

The Steelers are in the playoffs and as a lot of people suspected weeks ago, they’re facing the Broncos. Or as Lance William’s calls it on Steel Curtain Radio: Deebo vs. Tebow, Pray Hard, Prey Harder.

And while Pittsburgh has some issues heading into the game, they have Big Ben and his 1.5 ankles and hopefully that should be enough. So we talk about that, what the loss of Rashard Mendenhall means for the running game, and if Ryan Clark’s absence matters against the run-run-run-punt offense the Broncos favor.

Other topics: Chad Spann (he’s the Steelers’ newest running back, all 5-7, 200 pounds of him), Kevin Colbert’s big brain (Santonio Holmes, everybody!), the Steelers’ offensive line finally being healthy, the disappearance of Mike Wallace, and Dick LeBeau’s game plan to stop Tebow (I know, I know, it probably goes something like this: MAKE HIM THROW THE BALL).

By the way, I mention it on the podcast but in case you don’t know: I’ve watched every one of Tebow’s snaps this season for CBS and if you’re looking for a comprehensive overview of his season, knock yourself out.

(Also: apologies again that we haven’t been around nearly as much as we should. It’s the usual stuff — babies and work — but that ain’t your problem. Things will pick up, I promise, I just can’t say precisely when. )

Let’s get to the chattin’…

Steelers Lounge Podcast #66: Broncos preview

Steelers Lounge Podcast

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  • Bob Costas

    Of all the teams in the AFC playoffs, the one I wouldn’t want to deal with with a 1.5 legged QB is Baltimore.  Therefore, the later the Steelers face the Ravevns, the better.  Roethlisberger’s ankle will be more healed (in theory) with the extra week. 

    • Rob D

      Come on Bengals…make your season and get to the AFCCG…in Pittsburgh…

  • Rob D

    Pouncey definately out for this one. Not really surprising but this guy’s early career with the Steelers hasn’t been one of relative health. Damn those high ankle sprains to heck.

    I can deal with a lot about the NFL but the continous injuries to key players takes the edge of my enthisasm many years and this one is no exception.

    • Cols714

      Agreed. I feel like this Steelers team is probably the best in the AFC, but not without a healthy Ben, Woodley and Harrison.

      The nice thing about the Steelers though is that their depth is so good that they can lose a bunch of players throughout the year and still finish 12-4.

      • Anonymous

        If the Texans are healthy as well I think they’re a bit better than the Steelers.

        • Randy Steele

          I’m not convinced about the Texans. Fast start, slow finish.
          There’s something phony about them.
          I wonder if they’re juiced…

  • Cols714

    How in the world did Pouncey make they All-Pro team? Do the people voting on this stuff actually watch the games?

    • Bob Costas


    • Steeler Fan in Cowboy Country

      I know. All-Pro voting is pathetic

  • EasyLikeSundayMorning

    I hadn’t been nervous at all this week until this morning. On ESPN Radio, Jaworski said he thought Tebow might get benched in the second half. This brought flashbacks of other games in which backup QBs have rallied against us. Then Jaws said that Denver’s backup is Brady Quinn and I laughed out loud. Then I read that Simmons picked the Broncos… he almost never gets our games right. So I’m not nervous.

    • Rob D

      I like Billick on NFLN’s “Playbook”. He makes all those other guys on that show look like amateurs in terms of  succinct analysis. He diagrammed a few things that KC did against Tebow and was openly dismissive that he’ll have any success against Lebeau’s D.

      I know this should be relatively easy, but it doesn’t feel like an easy game to me for some reason. Perhaps its our road woes this year and nothing more.

      Simmons pick also makes me feel better. He once wrote a brutally sarcastic column about Kordell and Co losing to the Pats which was needlessly, over the top , mean spirited. I think he really hates us! Thus his picks aren’t cold and calculated when it comes to the Steelers as he lets emotion come into play. Thats a great sign that we will probably win this contest.

      • Cols714

        I generally like Simmons. Lately though, he’s been listening to Mike Lombardi too much. I love how he points out that the Steelers haven’t been all that impressive in victories lately. Which is true. However, his beloved Patriots that he wrote off after the Steelers trashed them, haven’t beaten a winning team all year.

        But in general I think Simmons is pretty good on the NFL. He’s wrong on this game though. Pittsburgh will win by 10 or so.

  • EasyLikeSundayMorning

    A suggestion for SL: have a section or link or post or something that lists the stuff you guys do on other sites. For example, I didn’t know Ryan did another podcast or wrote all that Tebow stuff.

  • Rob D

    Same old Bengals. Turnovers and inability to make the big play when you need it especially those lost INT’s. Don’t know if they would have won this game but I think with the QB they have and the one they were playing, it should have been a closer game. Andy sure does like to throw to AJ even into double coverage’s a typical young guy wanting to go with the best weapon regardless. That makes Marvin 0-3 in playoff games. I just don’t see the fire in his teams that you would expect, especially the D.

    Saints/Lions was, to me, (and I am older than dirt so take it with a bag of salt) boring to watch. i don’t mean the execution, just the ease of drive after drive of 20+ yard completions with no apparent resitance from either team. I am going to have to get used to this style of football if I want to continue to watch the NFL I guess. But it’s hard to watch for a guy who grew up loving D and the running game. I don’t like to sound like an old fuddy duddy who can’t get with the program but it truly is a track meet now..don’t hit the defenseless receiver, let him catch it, come down and turn towards you ,,then gently ease him to the turf, I guess. The Chargers and Don Coryell were the precursors to this..Sid Gillman the godfather and Bill Walsh the high priest. I watch it for a game and say…cool..but can we get back to REAL football now? Well, we can’t. I am going to have to forget about it and start appreciating when a D holds someone under 30 pts as a minor victory.

  • teresa fpx

    hi im going to talk about our team yes the number one team the steelers  yes they are going to beat denver big time  ben is going to play the game as great as he always does but if we are winning by 3 touchdowns in the beginning of the 4th quarter switch to charlie batch and let ben rest for the other teams we are going to beat thank you teresa from melbourne fl

  • Randy Steele