Ike Says Mike Is Frustrated

Somewhere, I’m on record as saying that I don’t care if Mike Wallace sits comfortably on his couch this summer because he wants more money. My only issue with that strategy is that unlike previous offseasons, the Steelers have a new coordinator.

And to hear Ben tell it, Todd Haley’s offense is, well, frustrating. So it stands to reason that Wallace would have a better chance of learning it if he were on the premises instead of taking mental reps from home. So that’s my only reservation, although it’s sort of a big one.

On Tuesday, during his TribLive show, Ike Taylor recounted his conversation with Wallace from the Memorial Day weekend.  “There is a lot of frustration with Mike right now,” Taylor said via the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review‘s Mark Kaboly. “He wants to be here. … But at the same time he wants his paper. Mike feels like he outperformed his last contract. But he’s dealing with a monster, and that’s the Pittsburgh Steelers … they are not going to let you dictate to them on how you feel.”

Again, I get where Wallace is coming from but Ike is spot on: even if Kevin Colbert says the organization wants to lock Wallace up long term, the Steelers have all the leverage. I actually tried to convince myself this spring that I’d be willing to swap Wallace for a first-round pick but there weren’t any restricted free-agent offers made (leverage advantage: Pittsburgh).

So here we are. Wallace has two weeks to sign his tender or the Steelers could reduce his 2012 salary from $2.7 million to $577,000 (I’m guessing they won’t). And then there will be just six weeks until training camp. I’m guessing Wallace will be there (as do Ike and Antonio Brown) and if he plays well next season nobody will remember this. If he struggles … yeah, we know how that movie ends, too.

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  • Cols714

    To me this is a non story. Wallace will be in camp. The Steelers do not lose guys that they want to keep.

    • Eric

      That at all depends on how you define, “want to keep.” There were plenty of players the Steelers would have liked to keep but didn’t want to meet the salary demands of. So I agree that Wallace will be a Steeler in 2012. Whether Wallace signs a long term extension or rolls the dice by playing out the season is less clear, at least to me.

      • MRav

        I think the biggest thing that hurts Mike in his negations with Pittsburgh is the production of Antonio Brown. I’m not so sure that Mike Wallace is Pittsburgh’s number one receiver this year. Going back to that game against the Ravens last year where one of their DBs said that Antonio Brown was a better receiver than Wallace, I was laughing at that comment before that game. But ever since then, it’s hard to argue that Antonio hasn’t been a better option for Ben. To me, AB has been so good that I agree with Eric in shipping Wallace out if there was a first round pick involved. I know that it’s not quite an accurate comparison, but this feels pretty Plaxico-esque.

      • Cols714

        Oh I agree. I don’t know that they are going to come to a long term agreement. I mean for 2012 he’s going to be on the team and producing like Mike Wallace from the past couple of years.

  • EasyLikeSundayMorning

    Wallace has virtually no leverage for the next 20 months or so, as the Steelers can franchise him after this year. If he wants a long-term deal for less money and less guaranteed money than he might get on the open market, he could get it now and still be set for life. But if he wants what he supposedly wants — the highest-end total dollar and guaranteed money deal that the best WR can get — then the only people he should be frustrated with are his agent and himself, as that is just not realistic.

  • Rob D

    Mike has a lot to learn/prove in this league. I think he’d be better off trying to have the season of his life in this new offense and then nothing will be left but to sign that massive contract.
    I am beginning not to care about him. NOt because I believe he’s not an invaluable member of the team but because at the moment he’s a top notch speed merchant and not much else. IN other words, replaceable and the Steelers seem to be hitting with alarming regularity recently on WR’s in the draft.

    Come on, Mike..stop pouting and get in the game.

  • David

    I’ll take it further. Mike…is…an…idiot. He is not a one-trick pony, but he doesn’t fight for the ball and if it isn’t thrown perfectly, he just gives up and allows an incompletion or pick.

    He wants Fitzgerald money. What a joke.

  • Paul in 23minutes

    Call what you want: the man is fast &can catch the ball…