Steelers Lounge Podcast: Andy Benoit Talks Steelers, Willie Colon, Todd Haley

I’ve wanted to have Andy Benoit on the podcast for a while now and finally got him on the horn Wednesday night. Andy’s the founder of, and he’s written for the New York Times, (his weekly Film Room posts were especially awesome), and he recently joined Football Outsiders. The dude loves the Xs and Os minutiae, which is exactly why I wanted to talk to him.

We discuss the obvious (what Todd Haley will bring to Pittsburgh’s offense), the not-so-obvious (seriously, we spend the first six minutes of the show debating just how far the American Office has fallen in a post-Carell world), as well as the fortuitous. (The Steelers finally checked the suggestion box stuffed with thoughts on how to best utilize Willie Colon’s talents — never mind the T-Rex arms, he’ll be fine — and it sounds like he’s moving from right tackle to left guard.)

Anyway, Andy was awesome. Great insights into what we can expect from Haley (bunch formations? slip screens? more three-step drops?), thoughts on Big Ben’s ability to read defenses, and a look around the rest of the AFC North.

Okey doke, let’s make with the chattin’…

Steelers Lounge Podcast: Andy Benoit Talks Steelers, Willie Colon, Todd Haley

Steelers Lounge Podcast

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  • Eric

    I like the description, paraphrasing here, that Roethlisberger was too dumb to fool with coverage.

    Reminds me of what the Cowboys said about Bradshaw after Superbowl XIII.

  • Randy Steele

    Refreshing. Good. I liked it. Especially the polite knocks on Rothlisberger, which we all know are true, but never allow ourselves to say out loud.