Steelers Lounge Podcast: Talking Todd Haley

After hearing Ben’s comments last week about Todd Haley’s offense, and how it’s slightly more complex than internet schoolin’, I figured it made sense to talk to people who had actually watched Haley’s offense closely in recent years.

So I enlisted the help of Joel Thorman, the NFL editor at SBNation, as well as the guy behind Arrowhead Pride, SBNation’s Chiefs blog.  Surprisingly, Joel liked Haley, which is something you seldom hear because we’re usually preoccupied with visions of the insane sideline rants or the Nixonian accusations of wire-tapping.

Either way, it’s a different perspective — and a welcome one given that the rending of garments hit an all-time high for some segments of the fan base after Bruce Arians “retired.”

Before we get to the chattin’, some stats:

Offenses under Todd Haley (as either the offensive coordinator or head coach, via Football Outsiders):

* 2007, Cardinals – 19th overall, 15th pass, 27th run, run-pass ratio: 39.5%;
* 2008, Cardinals – 15th, 8th, 28th, 34.1%;
* 2009, Chiefs – 25th, 25th, 21st, 42.9%;
* 2010, Chiefs – 13th, 15th, 9th, 52.3%;
* 2011,  Chiefs – 29th, 25th, 30th, 47.6%;

Alright, let’s get to this:

Steelers Lounge Podcast: Talking Todd Haley

Steelers Lounge Podcast

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  • Eric

    Good idea for a podcast, thanks for doing it.

    Talking to a Chiefs fan sure put the Steelers perennial contention for a Superbowl in prespective (18 year!! That’s this + 8)

    I think the Haley offense is the most interesting subplot to a Steelers season in a long time. It will certainly help put Arians-bashing into perspective.

  • Rob D

    Enjoyed the podcast…That guy from KC was good..Haley is going to be either the best shot in the arm this offense could have or a divisive force who’ll be getting into fist fights with Ben after a series!
    Just kidding….I think he”l be fine..the Rooneys wasted no time grabbing him so I assume the staff thinks he has what they are looking for