Steelers Lounge Podcast #72: Leon Searcy

After our own lockout, we’re back for another Steelers Lounge Podcast. On this episode we yak it up about — who else — Mike Wallace. We also talk about Anotnio Brown’s shiny, new extension, Big Ben’s lil’ rotator cuff injury, as well as the running back situation with Rashard Mendenhall on the shelf.

JJ discusses the offensive line — from the Return of Max (seriously, that dude will outlive us all), to DeCastro and Adams, to Colon kicking inside. (You know things are looking up when you don’t have to immediately point to Pouncey as a bright spot).

We voice our concerns about the defense — specifically the lack of depth at outside linebacker — before wondering the all-important question: who would win in a backs-on-punter drill between Chris Rainey and ROBO-PUNTER. take a look at one of the best drafts in recent memory, specifically, what we should expect from David DeCastro and Mike Adams in Year 1. We also have the inevitable “Should they kick Willie Colon inside?” conversation and all agree that signing Max S

Alright, let’s make ths happen.

Steelers Lounge Podcast #72: Leon Searcy

Steelers Lounge Podcast

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  • Randy Steele

    Mike Wallace on the field for the Steelers means an extra two or three more wins this year? Seriously, guys, it’s time to change the bong water.

    • ryan

      Hey, that was Gretz! Did you hear the incredulity in my voice followed by the “in related news, Gretz represents Wallace” crack?

      Seriously, no one disuptes that the Steelers are clearly better with Wallace, it’s just a question of how much. (Yes, this is the most obvious thing written ever by anybody.)

    • djanyreason

      Arguably-best-receiver-in-football is replaced by Manny Sanders

      Manny Sanders is replaced by Jerricho Cotchery

      Jerricho is replaced by ???

      Also, too: in 2011, the middle 16 teams in Adjusted Games Lost for WRs
      is 4-16 games. So, split the difference, and we can say we expect to
      have 10 player-games lost due to injury this year among our WRs. If we
      parcel those out evenly between AB, Manny, Jerricho, and ???, we have at
      least 5 games started by Jerricho Cotchery in 2012.

      Does 2 games really sound that absurd?

  • Jeff

    Whoot! Welcome back boys!

  • LoungeLegal

    Hey, I got a mention on a podcast…I’m SOMEBODY!!!!