Chattin’ Thread for the Week of September 3rd

It is, as they say, go time. Despite the injuries, old players, young players and the new offense, I feel pretty good about this season. Of course, I felt the same way heading into Week 1 a year ago and look how that turned out.

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  • Cols714

    I was definitely overconfident last year going into the 1st game. I thought they’d blow the Ravens out.

    I think though that people forget that the Steelers went 12-4 last year. Which is a pretty good record.

    • Rob D was. But for some fans, it felt like a lost year and I think the lack of turnovers by our D was the main reason. WE just didn’t take the ball away enough and that didn’t seem like a Lebeau level result for the D. Plus all the injuries which reached a ludicrous extreme (multiple players lost at the same time, usually to the same position…Curtis Brown AND Cortez Allen..and in the playoffs…Keisel AND Hampton…etc. Ben doing his Frankenboot thing once again..etc.) which really killed the buzz.
      EVEn after all that…they win 12 games..WE are spoiled beyond

      This year you can see a slow start being entirely possible. Harrison’s status, New OC implementing a scheme, O-line already juggled with actual talent (DD) replaced by average (Foster), 9 rookies and 3 UDFA’s making the final roster! ..great but expect growing pains..unsettled jocking for position at RB..I like the face we have competition but injuries to Mendy and Redman are clouding the picture there.

      I love this team’s talent haul over the last 3 years..I really do. Love our vets and our coaching staff..but I think we could be closer to 500 for a while to start the year and I just hope Balt doesnt start red hot and we are playing catchup all year.

      • Intropy

        My line between a successful season and an unsuccessful one is appearing in the second round of the playoffs, which the Steelers didn’t do.

        • Randy Steele

          I understand and mostly agree, which means we’re both incredibly spoiled.

          • EasyLikeSundayMorning

            Yes, we’re all spoiled as Steelers fans. But my bar is even higher. In the 8 seasons since Ben joined the team, we’ve been in 4 AFCCGs, 3 Super Bowls, and we’ve had two parades. If you make the AFCCG half the time, to me, that’s the over-under for a successful season. I guess that’s the second round, if we have a bye…

  • LoungeLegal

    Wish Ryan Clark could play in Denver.

  • rgw

    The Steelers are definitely flying under the radar to start this season, which isn’t a bad thing. There’s not much buzz around this team at least outside of Pittsburgh, and expectations are low (SI picked the Bengals to finish ahead of the Steelers, for example). I don’t mind this.

  • Cols714

    As usual I’m optimistic about the Steelers. Good WRs, good RBs, great QB and hopefully an average OL.
    The defense should be at least as good as last year and possibly better because they should have more takeaways.

    So I’m going with a 3rd straight 12-4 season, but this time we win the tie breaker vs the Ravens to win the AFC North.

    • Rob D

      I am almost positive the Ravens are going to have a down year. They may score more points but win fewer games I feel. Decimated at LB’er. Ray Lewis trying to do too much and Ed Reed reaching his best before date and retirement on his mind. I think they are a 9 win team…and I believe we can and should win 11 minimum. This is predicated on the idea that Harrison has a Pro Bowl worthy year though. Without that,,,things get a lot cloudier.

  • TheShanMan

    Dying for a new podcast here. :)

  • Randy Steele

    Very doubtful that James Harrison will play Sunday night.
    So, Chris Carter, repeat this phrase: “The standard is the standard.”
    The supply of running backs is running short, too. Apparently Batch has a bad groin, Redman’s ankle is still bothering him, and, obviously, Mendenhall isn’t expected to play.
    Right now is looks like Dwyer and Rainey.

    • Rob B

      I knew Deebo wasn’t going to play because he was talking so much about how everything was fine..knee great…etc etc. Didn’t seem like him..maybe he was trying to will it to get better.

      We are an entirely different team without him. Hope he isn’t done but I am starting to wonder. It can happen very fast in ye olde NFL. Fortunately we have a one handed Worilds and an unproven Mr. Carter to tide us over.

      Just kidding…I get cranky right before the season starts…

  • EasyLikeSundayMorning

    We signed a CB named DeMarcus Van Dyke, cut by the Raiders a year after he was the third round choice out of The U. Anyone know anything about him? And when was the last time we had a guy from The U?

    • EasyLikeSundayMorning

      Ok, so here’s one thing about him: he’s faster than Mike Wallace. And he’s 6’1″. Hopefully Carnell Lake can teach him up.

      • Intropy

        H’es a little smaller and a little slower than Ike Tayor.I’ve no idea whether it’ll work out, but it seems like a decent, low-risk shot.

        • Eric

          Well, for what it is worth, he took Essex’s roster spot.

          • Randy Steele

            Yes, for the time being, but I still have difficulty believing they’d rather have Beachum on the roster than Essex. I have a hunch he’ll be back soon.

  • Randy Steele

    Hey, you Lounge Lizards in charge! It’s the day before the opening game of the season and not a single post?! Come on!

    • EasyLikeSundayMorning

      I assumed the #75 Joe Greene podcast would be before the season opener…