Chiefs-Steelers Chattin’ Thread, Preseason Week 3

Two things I’d like to see:

1) Some semblance of cohesion and competence from the offensive line
2) No injuries

Also, looks like Felix Jones will play.

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  • Cols714

    I’m not going to watch any of this. I really hate preseason football. No injuries would be nice.

    • ryan

      I’ll send you frantic text updates, probably in all caps.

  • EasyLikeSundayMorning

    I wish I could watch live but it isn’t on the NFLN until 1am.

  • Rob D

    I watched a bit of this one..from a stream on the net. Much better look to the offense.Ben looked great. Receivers did their job. Cortez is a stud.JJ got hurt, ST”s may be the worst we have fielded and the new coach looks absolutely clueless about what is happening. Tomlin is NOT amused. Can’t we find a ST’s coach? It must be REALLY hard because here we go again. And he has a lot of defensive depth to choose from so we should be able to cover a kick.
    Andy Reid is a FF. Pushed the game into overtime so the tired players could run more risk of getting hurt. I was hoping they’d just let KC score and then punch AR in the…

    Anyway, that was a good scrimmage and they showed something…good on them. Now tank the Carolina game and lets get ready for the season. Carolina is loaded on D too..I don’t want BEn anywhere near that game.

  • Rob D

    Apparently, JJ is OK..whew!! WE need that kid to just keep “doing what he do”…finding the ball. There’s got to be some cuts coming up that will interest the STeelers. I think anything that replaces our gruesome twosome of Whimper and Batiste will be an improvement. Some people like a few of the guys that the Ravens just cut, for instance.

    I’m really scared that Heath isn’t going to come back that quickly and we are going to be stuck with the non blocking Paulson and erratic catching Johnson at TE.I’m trying to see what the Steelers do with Paulson…. We really need to draft another Heath next draft, I think. Who knows how good Miller will be coming off a serious knee at his age?

    Really like that Alan Baxter kid..the proverbial non stop motor. Hope he makes the cut. I read that Ta’amu didn’t see the field and that Fangupo is probably going to beat him out. Sounds OK but I really thought (before bumper car fiasco) that we had gotten a steal with the massive Ta’amu and a cool name in the bargain. Guess not.

    That shank might have cost Moorman a job. Too bad, because I like him more than Butler. Then again, I used to hate Suisham and look how he turned it around…you just never know sometimes.

    I’m going to watch the replay now…and stop annoying you with my caffeine fueled…I’m stoked and its only August. If they have a bad year, I’m going to collapse in a heap by midseason