Deebo Looks Weird in Orange

Here was my day Tuesday:

Get up at 3:30AM, me and the wife dump the kids in the car (ages 2 and 6), drive an hour to the airport, fly an hour to Teterboro, NJ (my father-in-law has a private plane and graciously let us hop a ride), take the transit bus (I’m carrying a kid AND a stroller) to Port Authority, walk to Central Park, play for a couple hours till the Museum of Natural History opens at 10AM, walk around the museum for four hours, walk back to the park and let the kids run around, and then do the bus/plane/drive home, where we arrived at 9:30PM with two unconscious little people.

All in all, it went about as well as you could expect. Which is to say, no one lost any limbs, there was only minimal screaming, and I’m still married.

I mention all this because instead of dropping face first into bed last night, I stayed up to watch the first episode of Hard Knocks. In general, it was compelling — HBO has mastered  the art of training-camp storytelling even if there’s isn’t much of a story to tell during the first few days of practice.

One such compelling story will no doubt be James Harrison, who seems every bit as crazy as we all suspected. And he apparently hates the HBO cameras following him everywhere.

Deebo thinks you’re No. 1

* GIF via KSK

I’ll miss Deebo in Pittsburgh.

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  • Rob D

    If you are still’re doing it right…:) I don’t have any kids but have been surrounded by them all my life. My mother had a day care, my sisters have kids of their own and have adopted 3 others. I was, as a young adolescent, the go to babysitter for my loved me because I was just as “goofy fun” as they were. But I have NO IDEA what it takes to shoulder that load 24/7….my hats off to all parents who know that all too well.

    I think the two Cleveland games are going to be painful for us fans. He was an iconic player for us and it just seems wrong to see him in those colours. Better than if he’d joined the Ravens , I guess.

    Poll: Harrison..will he be important to the Browns or just another fading star whose best days are long behind him? I’m thinking a fast start with a slow fade to the end of the year. I don’t think his knee allows him the leverage to get around tackles anymore so I see him with 6-7 sacks. Still a tackling force against the run..granted. He’ll set a leadership tone for sure. But I don’t think we’ll be overly freaked out by him playing against us. He’s another year older and the decline will continue, IMO.

    • Rob Duh

      Last time I checked, Harrison was with the Bengals. Don’t you even know your own division foes?

      • Rob D

        Geebus…not sure how I managed…If I think harder, maybe I can put him on a team completely out of the division!

        In my defense….errrr…no, there is no defense. I throw myself on the mercy of the court..I was blinded by the pain of losing Deebo..sob (tears usually work)

        • EasyLikeSundayMorning

          Rob, you are a good egg. Handled that one with your typical humility and good humor…

          • Randy Steele

            Yeah, Cleveland, Cincinnati… whatever. I thought Deebo was playing for the Columbus Blue Jackets. All those cities in Ohio that start with “c” smell the same to me.

          • Rob D

            I knew it started with a C…lol

    • Intropy

      Poll answer. I think Harrison, though coming up on the end of his career, hasn’t really dropped off much in play yet. If he is healthy he’s still the best or nearly the best 34OLB/43DE in the league. But the Bengals are playing him at 43OLB, so what’ll that do to his play?

  • EasyLikeSundayMorning

    Heh, you were in my backyard! I live near the American Museum of Natural History and have been there literally hundreds of times (my son was totally obsessed with it for about 7 years and we of course were there this weekend). Sorry I didn’t know to give you some advice about the museum and neighborhood. Tomorrow is actually our last night living in the Upper West Side; after nearly two decades in Manhattan, the siren song of the suburbs has finally won. Bittersweet…

    Including your visit to Latrobe, that’s two long road trips in a week. Glad you’ve survived…

    • ryan


      I had no idea you lived on the Upper West Side. I’m done living in cities but I love it there. I’m in NYC 2-3 times a year for work-related stuff and it always seems to land me around Times Square, which might be the worst place on earth. It’s so quiet up near the museum area.

      The six-year-old was blown away by the museum, and Central Park, and … well, the entire city. He wasn’t overwhelmed, just mesmerized that people could live that way. Then came the inevitable: “So, why don’t we move to New York City?” question. I explained that unless he wanted to get a job and lose the yard, it probably wasn’t going to happen anytime soon.

      Still, a great time, even if it made for a very long day. (Seriously, the weather was awesome. It could’ve been 95 and humid. Instead it was 75 and the smell of urine that permeates midtown during the summer was barely noticeable.)

      • Adam

        I was in New York maybe a month and a half ago and unintentionally ended up right smack in the middle of Times Square trying to catch the 2 Train into Brooklyn. I wanted to punch people.

      • ryan

        And here’s my son running away from an Allosaurus. (Because, really, this is what you come here for.)

        • EasyLikeSundayMorning

          Cute kid and fun picture. As this and your Latrobe shots show, you’ve got good Jimmy Olsen photo instincts to go with your Lois Lane copy.

          Living on the UWS for the past dozen years, and Manhattan for the last 17, has been great. Tonight’s actually our last night living in the city. There’s a lot I’ll miss after we move to NJ next week, including the AMNH. But I won’t miss Times Square; fortunately I’ve rarely had to walk around there.

  • Dan Wagner

    When you come to Pittsburgh, this is the way to get to the games and have more fun than ever before possible! lol.