The NFL is a monster that crushes everything in its path

Just look at these damn numbers.

Via my buddy Steve Lepore at SB Nation, Thursday’s Steelers-Panthers game, the worst of all of the worst preseason games, drew some monster television ratings in Pittsburgh.

Some of the more frightening numbers: A 21.3 rating for the Steelers game nearly tripled an 8.3 for the competing Pirates game, which is just disturbing considering the Bucs are in a pennant race.

It doesn’t really surprise me that much that more people watched the Steelers. For one, the Steelers were on a local CBS station while the Pirates were on cable, and Pittsburgh is and always will be more of a Steelers town than a Pirates town, but that big of a gap? Landry Jones was playing the entire game at quarterback. Nobody of any significance saw the field and even the players that did play probably couldn’t wait for it to end.


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  • Rob D

    The power of the NFL compels you..the power of the NFL compels you!!

    Just a few tidbits from the online world: Ben ranked No. 5 by John “Every QB is elite, basically” Clayton. So we got that going for us.
    But the AFCN blogger (something called Jamison Hensley) says that BEn is ranked 24th best player in the NFL because he gets hurt and then isn’t as good. STartling observation.
    There’s so many top 10 lists at ESPN, you can tell they have run out of story ideas months ago. Time for the season to start so they can start ranking everything all over again.

  • EasyLikeSundayMorning

    Part of this greater ratings for the Steelers game is supply; 10x the regular season games dilutes viewership for individual games. And it is true that Pittsburgh is much more of a Steelers town now. But when I was growing up in Pittsburgh in the 1970s and early 80s, the interest level was pretty even between the two teams (even with 4x the number of Steelers championships during that time).

    Twenty years of sucking has turned Pittsburgh from a great baseball town on par with St. Louis to one with a more casual interest. For me, that’s a real shame. Even though I haven’t actively been a rabid fan of theirs in decades, I’d love to see the Pirates be a contender for several years. This could help restore the great baseball tradition of Pittsburgh with players like Wagner, Traynor, the Waner brothers, Josh Gibson, Cool Papa Bell, Satchel Paige, Clemente, Mazeroski, Stargell, etc.

    • Rob D

      I was actually a Pirate fan before the Steelers. I enjoyed watching the Stargell led teams..he was the big, wise Uncle type. STargell’s stars which he handed out for good plays. The Latin influence in the clubhouse..Those teams were quirky and talented and just too much fun. I lost interest after the drug scandals and never got my taste for b’ball back, It’s a shame and I do hope they are now back as contenders for the foreseeable future.

  • GlennWa

    The NFL is king, but I don’t pay much attention to the comparative TV ratings. As ELSM says, actual NFL game action is scarce and precious. I’m actually a bigger baseball fan than a football fan (sacrilege I know), but I will take a night off from the 6 or 7 baseball games per week to watch the Steelers, even in the preseason. It’s just not a huge sacrifice with four full weeks to go in the MLB season.