Steelers Trade Adrian Robinson for Felix Jones

Hey, the Steelers missed out on Felix Jones back in 2008 — the Cowboys took him 22nd overall, one pick before Rashard Mendenhall — but they finally got their man. Actually, I have no idea what the plan is, especially given how inconsistent Jones was in Dallas, and the reports that he wasn’t going to make the team in Philly.

For now, he’ll give the Steelers some depth at running back while we wait on Le’Veon Bell to get healthy. As for losing Adrian Robinson? This team has a lot of young linebackers and apparently Colbert and Tomlin felt comfortable parting with one of them.

Whatever. If this trade magically fixes the offensive line then I’m all for it.

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  • Cols714

    Seems like a solid move. Felix Jones becomes the most talented back (outside of Bell) on the roster.

    However, I would have rather just kept Mendenhall.

    As for Robinson, he won’t be missed.

    • Randy Steele

      Stephens-Howling’s injury may be worse than we suspect.

    • Rob D

      Had to find a RB, I think. Bell is gone for 6-8 and perhaps longer. One injury can lead to another as we all know. Favoring the foot leads to hamstring issues etc.How bad is Howling’s injury? Can Dwyer really handle a large number of carries? I don’t trust that he can. Redman is a nice change of pace power back. If Jones is healthy, he can catch the ball very well, is great on screens (if we could figure out how to block for him, I guess). Not sure how much speed he has left but the price was cheap..worth a gamble.

      ARob (as the cool kids say, and lord knows I’m always trying to be cutting edge cool in my 50`s) is much like Sunny Harris, IMO. A guy who will never play but is the dark horse fave of over caffeinated STeeler fans. Including me, for a short time. We seem to be stacked at LB’er and if there is ONE area I never 2nd guess the STeelers on, it’s linebacker.

  • EasyLikeSundayMorning

    I don’t want to go crazy because running backs sometimes go off a cliff and Jones may have lost his speed. But this seems like all upside with no downside. I’ve never though Jones had the size to be a high-carry back. But as a change-of-pace speed back who can catch, I could see him contributing. My fantasy world has Wheaton taking the top off the D and Will Johnson, Jones, Hypen and Heath (when healthy) killing teams underneath. Too bad Wallace isn’t still around…

    • Rob D

      I wonder if he still has the speed too. He’s like..26? Should have something left, one would think. Anyway, I like the pickup.

  • Rob D

    Anyone watch the GB/Seattle game? Green BAy’s D looks pretty bad…poor tackling, everyone taking bad angles. Seattle pretty much ran them over. Seattle’s QB didn’t look good but they didn’t seem to be running anything fancy. Wilson really does throw with his arm and very little shoulder rotation as Phil Simms pointed out. Wonder how that will work out for him the long run? AS for the rest of Seattle, they are loaded with talent. Makes me a fan of Pete C or the swaggering DB’s attitude but have to admire what they’ve put together.
    Lacy didn’t do anything…-5 or something but that may be just because the GB O-line looked sleepy. I don’t think they’ve really turned into a dominant team like you would expect after winning the SB over some other team which I can’t quite remember at the moment…ahem. O and why don’t we have something like the Lambeau Leap? Because we’d get 15 yards for excessive celebration, that’s why! Gotta love this league..

    • ryan

      Funny you mention this, Rob D. I was watching Clay Matthews during the first half and he was getting stoned at the line of scrimmage a lot. He had a sack and created pressure, but he’s not Deebo, which is what I have to keep reminding myself about Jarvis.