Steelers Lounge Podcast #77: Marvel Smith

A week after failing to record possibly the best podcast in Steelers Lounge history, we’re back.

On the latest episode, we talk about the improved play of the offensive line; Cortez Allen’s awesomeness; Who Ya Got (pick three): Redman, Dwyer, Stephens-Howling or Felix Jones; the very real possibility of Jarvis Jones earning a starting job; the solid play from Ziggy Hood and Steve McClendon; some of the young guys on the roster bubble we like; and we wrap it all up by revisiting the 2006 preseason (seriously — you’ll hear blasts from the past like Duce Staley, Shane Boyd, Omar Jacobs, and Lee Mays!).

Alrighty, talking starts promptly…

Steelers Lounge Podcast #77: Marvel Smith

Steelers Lounge Podcast

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  • Cols714

    Yay! Thanks guys for doing these again.

    FWIW, I hope Felix Jones makes it over Dwyer. Just sick of watching Dwyer.

  • Eric

    - I don’t understand the idea that Batch and Sylvester were cut to prevent an injury settlement. How is that any different from guys that will play on Thursday?

    - Stephens-Howling > Felix Jones

    - I wouldn’t be surprised if they signed L.Pope after game 1. They’ll likely see how the current TEs fare first; that way they avoid guaranteeing Popes salary for the year (if he is on the week 1 roster).

    - I love the story of the guy freaking out about W. Gay. It’s like a message board comment come to life. I’m now wondering if all internet comments are posted be real people… it’s very disorienting to think that they might be.

  • Milliken Steeler

    I like the show but I forget was it JJ that said Moye has dominated and he doesnt know what Justin Brown has even done to be considered? lol That comment had me puzzled because until this last game, through camp, through full contact an through the first pre season game Justin Brown was leading…the receivers…period. it wasnt even debatable.

    The last two games to include Moyes TD has pulled him even or slightly ahead of Brown. You have to remember this though. Justin had a good amount of special teams punt returns in college to include one ran back for a TD. We just haven’t tried him on special teams for some reason yet, I’m guessing to get a good look at Dunn.

    The next thing you have to remember is this last pre season game is going to be pretty much Landry Jones all four quarters after Ben plays a series. Who was Justins QB in College? None other than Landry Jones. Unless they don’t play Justin for some reason, He has a good chance to have a huge game with Landry in there that long and seal the #5 receiver spot. I’m going to guess Landry knows his college team mate is on the bubble and will at least look for him often and the rest is up to Justin. Its not over by any means.

    I personally hope Justin makes it as he has good hands, runs nice routes to include going across the middle. has good sized at 6’3″ and as a bonus like I said, he can play special teams and return punts.

    I hear people harping on Dwyer and wanting to cut him? smh With all the injuries to get rid off Dwyer and keep a few scat backs who are often injured puzzles me to say the least. I guess we shall see.

    • Rob D

      Interesting thoughts on Justin B. As far as I know, Ben isn’t playing in this one at all (last thing I read anyway) so Landry might get a good workout.

      I think we need to keep Dwyer because REdman is already dinged up and with his bruising style, is unlikely to stay healthy. WE desparately need Bell to come back and make an impact though. REally angry at that turn of events but that’s the preseason for you. Doesn’t matter lots, but you can lose people who can make or break your season.

      McClendon and Hood have looked very good, especially in the KC game. We really need a lot from those guys. If Heyward finally breaks through. we might have something. Have really loved Brian Arnfelt’s contributions. Very stout against the run and can handle double teams. Surprised at how quick and athletic he is for his size. WE shall see.

      Cortez, Ike, Troy and Ryan Clark with Sharmarko playing the nickle? That sounds good to me.

      I’m still worried about the’s hard to predict how so much change in players and scheme will play out but Ben looks great so far. Best case scenario is these guys gell early, Ben is protected, and we roll along. Not worried about the D too much..but the ST’s are far worse than I could ever have imagined. Somebody fix

  • EasyLikeSundayMorning

    If it were 2007 with Ryan Clark, Troy and Sharknado patrolling the field, any WR going across the middle would have developed T Rex arms. Now, I worry about a raft of 15-yard penalties for what used to be hits for NFL highlight videos.