Steelers vs. Panthers Chattin’ Thread: Preseason Week 4

The preseason is too long, and tonight, we will all be witnesses to this fact.

I get the argument that preseason games aren’t about the fans and their unquenchable thirst for football, but rather coaches trying to work on things and getting their players ready for the games that actually mean something. But this can be accomplished in two or three games. How do I know this? Because of things like this from Andrew Brandt on Wednesday…

Yeah, that pretty much sums up what you’re about to watch tonight. And the NFL charges people full prices for these games. Fortunately, after tonight you won’t have to hear me complain about preseason games until the 2014 preseason when the cycle begins all over again.

Having said that, the Steelers are expected to play their backups and their collection of waiver fodder for most of this game (and Landry Jones … good luck. You’re going to need it) for their annual preseason finale against the Carolina Panthers that almost always features a big performance from some guy on the bubble. The Steelers and Panthers have met in the final week of the preseason every season since 2003, with the Steelers winning seven of those games, including six in a row, which is far more research than I should have done for this.

Talk about the game here. My advice: Watch the Pirates.

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  • Rob D

    This game will suck out loud. But I am still going to watch via a stream if I can find it. Cause I am a total loser. How’d you like to be Landry Jones with Whimper and Co. blocking for you by the 2nd quarter? Good times.
    A lot of people are speculating that the STeelers will only keep 4 WR’s on the 53. (and by a lot of people, I mean Eddie B!)
    One of my hopes is that if it comes down to it, they pick Hawthorne over Victorian.

  • EasyLikeSundayMorning

    I’d actually like to watch this game live but Sunday Ticket doesn’t cover preseason and the NFLN won’t show it for at least a day or two.

  • Rob D

    First half over: theme of the night? No Pass D for the Steelers. Let em score!


    Arnfelt would look good with something that could rush the passer near him cause he is really strong holding his ground.

    I was trying to decide who had Ted Ginn on that 86 yard TD and decided it was nobody. Curtis Brown didn’t try very hard, Golden was left watching the speedster etc.

    Landry Jones throws a nice ball..even on the run. Moye is a pretty good runner for a 6 5″ kind of gangly looking guy. Hope Moorman wins the punting job because I’ve seen Butler kick it into the endzone from the opponents 40 enough. Moorman has much better hang time and still has a great leg for distance.

    I hope Felix Jones makes the him better than Dwyer, who put another ball on the ground tonight (although it was recovered by Steelers). The 2nd and 3rd stringers are doing OK on offense but the broadcast crew isn’t talking about who is actually in the game too much. I guess that’s a little too much work. Asshats.

    W. Johnson went down with a hammy in this one..crap

  • Cols714

    I’m hoping Felix Jones is kept. He has more speed than Dwyer and is a better receiver. Mostly though, I’m sick of the Redman-Dwyer RB combination.

    • Rob D

      Agreed, Cols. If Jones can stay healthy, he has first round talent. You watch him pick up his blocks and make those precise cuts and you realize how plodding Dwyer is in comparison. Plus D put the ball on the ground again. He doesn’t look in shape to me either. or at least he gives you the impression he’s eager for another carry after a few good runs. We need Redman to stay healthy as well. It’s hard to judge in preseason but Felix is a legit NFL starter still, IMO.

      I’m saying, with a little luck with injuries, this team can win 11 games. If they do that thing they’ve been doing for 3 years..losing starters, usually at the same position? Not liking their chances.