Just Because: The Time Bruce Coslet Gave Steeler Fans the Finger

This has absolutely nothing to do with anything that is even remotely relevant to the 2013 Pittsburgh Steelers. It also probably makes anybody that clicks on it dumber for having read it.

I simply do not care.

For reasons I can’t even begin to explain I recently stumbled across a YouTube video that featured highlights from the 1992 Steeler season. One of the featured games: The Steelers’ home opening win over the New York Jets, a game that featured Barry Foster rushing for 190 yards and two touchdowns, a defensive touchdown by Larry Griffin, and Bill Cowher’s first home win as head coach.

There was also this…

What the hell?

That’s Jets coach Bruce Coslet telling Steelers fans what he thought of them at that exact moment.

The situation: With the Steelers trailing 10-7 with 14 seconds remaining in the first half and the Jets driving, Steelers defensive lineman Donald Evans recovered a Blair Thomas fumble at his own 35-yard line.

Instead of simply taking a knee and going into the half down by three points, Cowher allowed Neil O’Donnell to throw a Hail Mary that was caught by Jeff Graham — off of a deflection — inside the Jets’ 15 as time was running off the clock. Both teams started to exit the field as the quarter appeared to have expired.

But O’Donnell, who was still 50 yards down field, managed to call a timeout and the officials put two seconds back on the clock.

This did not amuse Coslet. It had to really piss him off when Gary Anderson came out and knocked in a chip shot field goal to tie the game. Coslet, who was apparently hearing it from Steeler fans for griping to the officials about the clock situation, decided to express himself.

The Steelers scored 17 unanswered points in the second half.

This was the very first Steelers game I ever attended and I remember almost none of it. My only memories include 1) me telling my mom that was I was over the head cold that had kept me out of school for a couple of days earlier in the week when I was still badly stuffed up (sorry, Mom, but I really wanted to go — I think we’re past the statute of limitations on this), 2) A 54-yard touchdown run by Barry Foster, and 3) Fans booing Cowher’s decision to kneel on the ball late in the game when Foster was just 10 yards away from a 200-yard game.

Also worth pointing out from this game: After relieving an overwhelmed and completely terrible Browning Nagle, Jets quarterback Ken O’Brien posted a passer rating of 5.2. He completed one of four passes for 17 yards. The other three passes were intercepted in what has to be on the short list of worst single game quarterback performances in NFL history.

Fun times.

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  • Rob D

    1992 doesn’t seem that long ago..but Browning Nagle makes me reailze just HOW long ago that was. Not a bad first game ever for you! For a time, I thought Foster was going to be the greatest big back we’d seen since Franco. Still had a nice career.

    Bruce C….when you let the crowd get to you, you’ve probably already lost your edge and eventually the game. I’m actually a little hot headed myself and don’t think I would last very long in a positioin that required staying cool under “fan fire” …lol..I am sure you can hear some awfully nasty things. Makes me appreciate people who can keep their cool all the more.

    Most interesting (to me, at any rate) things about the STeelers so far:
    The idea that there is a competition for the LT spot. ADams is battling Gilbert. I’d love to see him win that fight. He’s our best tackle, IMO. Left handed. Long arms. Better athlete who is probably destined to play LT anyway..why waste a year prolonging the inevitable? It’s not like it’s a vet vs. youngster situation where experience wins out.

    Jarvis Jones’ attitude and talent. If he doesn’t make it , it won’t be because he didn’t try hard enough. Love this guy already..willing to learn. dropping back in coverage and knocking down 3 passes in scrimmages..We know about the speed…I think we have a live one on our hands.And we really need production from him and Woodley.

    Heyward is going to start at some point this year. If it’s Hood’s spot, so be it. I think we have an opportunity for some nice rotations with Keisel, Heyward, Hood, Woods, McClendon, Fangupo/Ta’mu (perhaps only one of them makes the team?) I don’t think Nick Williams will see the field this year, but he’s an intriguing prospect.

    BIg Ben having an actual NFL running back to work with. I wasn’t a big Mendy fan (none of which had to do with his off field doings) but he was worthy of being first on the depth chart at his position. Bell is looking great so far and he seems to be an ideal fit in our new scheme. An Oline of Adams, Foster, Pouncey, DeCastro, Gilbert sounds pretty good to me. Beachum continues to surprise…I’d guess we don’t want ot have too many injuries though..unless a guy named Whimper excites you..lol…not sure how I feel about our receiving corps though. Scared about the TE position..wondering if Sanders can have a big year if his mind is on his contract and whether he’ll be with the team after the upcoming season etc. I was disappointed in Brown last year but he’s still young. If Wheaton is our 3rd WR…that’s a little scary..Have to believe that Cotchery makes this team fairly easily considering his experience level and steady play. Burress? Have no idea but I think it’s unlikely he makes the team. His height is always a plus but what does he have left> up for debate.

    REALLY looking forward to this year. It’s not going to be boring!

  • Intropy

    He wasn’t giving fans the finger. He was saying “we’re number one.”