Steelers Lounge Podcast #78: Dwight White

It’s another Steelers Lounge Podcast, y’all…

In this episode, JJ Adam and Ryan talk about the final roster, specifically, Jonathan Dwyer not having a place on it; whether Max Starks should be re-signed after Week 1 (JJ’s point: We know what Max can do at tackle. We also know what Guy Whimper can’t do at tackle and guard.); how in the world Curtis Brown still has a job — and how bad this secondary becomes with him on the field; the AMAZING ZOLTAN MESKO replacing Drew Butler and what that means, if anything, for what looks to be an abysmal special teams unit; and we even take a guess at what type of season Mike Wallace will have in Miami.

We then weigh in on the rest of the 53-man roster before identifying the players we’ll be watching against Tennessee on Sunday, and we end the podcast by predicting the winner. In a shocking development, we all like the Steelers.

Alrighty, talking starts promptly…

Steelers Lounge Podcast #78: Dwight White

Steelers Lounge Podcast

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  • Randy Steele

    Absolutely glorious photo of Zolton Mesko holding his two chihuahuas in the pool!
    (Hey, did I ever mention that I own two chihuahuas, too?)

    But seriously, my only comments about the podcast:

    1) Max > Whimper. So obviously true it begs the question, why are the Steelers’ coaches and front office being so stubborn about this?

    Hey, knuckleheads, the Zone Blocking Scheme is not Job #1 — Protecting Franchise Quarterback is Job #1.

    Max Protection, get it?

    2) Speaking of which, the next time the Steelers have some late round draft picks they plan on throwing away, I wish they’d think harder about throwing them away on some projects for the offensive line.

    3) Need to open a roster spot in a snap? Cut Landry Jones and make Kelvin Beachum the Steelers’ third string quarterback.

    • Terribletoweler

      Max won’t return this time because the future is now. Adams and Gilbert need game experience. Despite being a bad fit for zone blocking, Max is a fan favorite. People would clamor for him to start, and there would be pressure to alter what they’re doing with the line to account for Max’s strengths if he were superior to Adams/Gilbert. It would basically hinder the youth movement on the line and the zone scheme implementation. At some point, you have to see what you’ve got. The OL hit that spot this year. We won’t know if it is a success until toward the end of the season, I would think. Lines do not tend to gel early, and this one is young. I don’t think we’ll see strong all around performance from the unit for 6-8 weeks if it happens this year. My 2 cents, take it or (more likely) leave it.

      • Rob D

        Nope, that’s a fair point.
        It’s just the idea of Whimper being in an actual game that has many of us spooked. Starks may not fit the new scheme (OK, he doesn’ but he’s good enough to backup people.

        Same thing with the CB’s. If Cortez or Ike go down, you KNOW the STeelers are plugging in William Gay. That gives most people indigestion at best..heart failure being more likely.

        • Randy Steele

          Not to mention, Curtis Brown. Oof…

          • Rob D

            Curtis- I was an early booster. That one play against Ted Ginn was the deal breaker. It’s sort of reminiscent of Plax’s “Spike” play or Anthony what’s his name getting abused by Tom Brady and Co. Hard to recover from a play where you seem to exhibit a lack of awareness and a lack of effort in equal parts. All seemed to be revealed and it wasn’t a pretty picture. Wouldn’t it be nice if another corner asserted himself. We are paper thin if either of our 2 starters go down. And who’s to say that Ike doesn’t fall off at his advanced age? It can happen fast in ye olde NFL.

            I don’t think C.Brown earned a spot on the roster. But he’s there nontheless. Have to believe it’s soley because he has experience. He’s good at getting beat…lol

          • Cols714

            He’s there because of special teams. Plus he’s still young enough that he can turn it around. Although if he doesn’t he’s probably gone after this year.

  • Rob D

    1. Max, Max, MAX!! ..come back ..all is forgiven. Replacing Whimper is the ultimate no brainer. Max Protection…get the copyright, Randy…lol

    2. AS long as we stay 100% healthy on the O-line. we are cool. Seems reasonable. Excuse me while I throw up.

    3. Beachum is the answer,,,what was the question??

  • Cols714

    There seems to be a problem with the itunes download for some reason.

    • ryan

      I’m an idiot. Forgot to add “.mp3″ to the xml file so iTunes couldn’t read it. Should be good to go now (assuming iTunes pings the podcast and uploads it in a timely manner.) In the meantime, you can listen/download here:

  • Eric

    via Eddie B:

    Q on #Steelers Chat: Is Whimper an upgrade? Did Starks burn bridges or could he return?

    Answer: I agree with you partly because I don’t think Whimper is an
    upgrade. Max was determined to go somewhere he had a chance to start and
    he knew that wasn’t here. Now that he’s out of a job, I would assume
    he’d be willing to return. No, he burned no bridges, just wanted to
    start. He did not fit their zone blocking scheme.

  • Cols714

    I don’t know. You guys seemed way too down on the team’s depth. Yes, obviously if the team loses Timmons they are screwed at ILB. But Timmons is a legitimate star, having a legit star behind him is kind of nuts. No team has a star ILB on the bench.

    The DL seems as deep as its been in years, the safety position seems as deep as ever, and we finally have a reasonable backup QB. I think the concerns about backup OL and CB are legit though.

    As for the WR, well I think we will miss Wallace because he was pretty awesome (at least the pre-2012 Wallace). However Brown and Sanders are fine as the starters. Both are fast and run good routes and will get most of the production back. I guess we just have to hope that Wheaton can make a good jump as the 3rd WR.

    Anyways, after being totally down on this team most of the pre-season, I’m pretty excited about them. The defense seems like it will be much more dynamic with Jarvis Jones, a healthy Troy, and a CB in Allen who can actually get turnovers.

    The offense, well I don’t think it can be any worse than it was last year. I think 10-6 or 11-5 is in the works.

  • Eric

    I’m disappointed the Broncos didn’t drop 50 on the Ravens.

    • Gretz

      They would have if that dude didn’t drop the ball at the one yard line on that interception return.

      • Rob D

        Just saw some highlights..anyone have a few personal observations on the game? Were the Ravens THAT bad? I’m living without cable today..the horror!

        • Intropy

          Yes they were THAT bad, at least in the 2nd half. It was like the 2011 opener but compressed into one half.