Steelers Lounge Podcast #83: Heath Miller

It’s another Steelers Lounge Podcast, y’all…

The biggest news coming out of the bye isn’t that Mike Adams has been benched, or that Kion Wilson was released and Stevenson Sylvester was re-signed, or even that Will Gay will replace Cortez Allen in the starting lineup. Nope, it’s Todd Haley’s inability to not get sued.

Okay, that’s a slight exaggeration (I didn’t even know Haley had been sued again until Gretz mentioned it), what the Steelers have (or haven’t) done on the field continue to be the story. And maybe this is the week that the mistakes are minimized, the defense manages some turnovers and sacks, and they actually eke out a win.

Just so you know, we’re split about the Steelers’ chances. And we also spent a non-trivial part of the podcast discussing the merits of the team drafting Teddy Bridgewater, Jadeveon Clowney or Jake Matthews. Yep, it’s not even Week 6.

Alrighty, talking starts promptly…

Steelers Lounge Podcast #83: Heath Miller

Steelers Lounge Podcast

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  • Rob D

    “Better than Guy Whimper!!” That should go on the nameplates, in the lockerroom, of men who have earned the distinction!

    Let’s unleash heck. If we have time. I mean, I have that 4 o’clock and…oh, never mind.

  • Randy Steele

    You guys sound as dazed and confused about this team as everyone else.

  • Cols714

    Good job to admitting the Levi Brown move looks fine now. I had to do the same thing. What I don’t understand though is why not keep Mike Adams at LT and let him learn on the job? Unless they feel that he needs to watch a bit, I’m totally willing to sacrifice this season if it gets us some OL continuity to take into next year.

    Yeesh, imagining Clowney as a larger Harrison is fun. But unless they get one of the top 2 picks, that isn’t going to happen.

    • ROb D

      Possibly because they want Ben relatively healthy for next year. I’d be all for it if someone else was at QB other than our meal ticket. Consensus seems to be we only solve our LT problem in the draft. Clowney is starting to be downgraded..he could slip. A lot of talk about his lack of success this year and the inevitable “he’s too big for his britches” talk. You never know. Personally, I’d rather try to get two picks in the first over one high one, although I trust Colbert’s acumen in the first and if it’s a top 10…we’d get a great player for sure. Trouble is we need multiple great players. Maybe we trade like demons at the draft? Polamalu et al? Why not?
      My dream is we have a saviour come in as OC and he rebuilds everything in record time. We are certainly going to have high draft picks to work with the next 2 years, I feel, and we have some nice younger talent who aren’t showing it at the moment. I still like Adams, Pouncey, Cortez, Le’Veon, Velasco (steal!), A.BRown, Heyward, Jones, Golden, S, Thomas. Two good drafts and we are probably very happy. But then again,,i’m the 12 win

  • Rob D

    AT some point, you have a long look and realize this just isn’t an underperforming squad, it’s a straight out BAD team. Some of you were way ahead of me on this but I feel like an alcoholic hitting his first AA meeting and making my way to the stand to say “Hi, I’m Rob and I am a rube who thought the STeelers would win 12 games this year”
    With the Pirates having that renaissance, the Penguins a threat to win the SC, it must cushion the blow a little for those residing in Pittsburgh.But this team has an enormous job ahead of them.

    • Randy Steele

      Now I fear the bandwagon has swayed too far onto the other side of the road. Everyone seems to be overreacting. The Steelers aren’t that bad, and at some point this season we’ll begin to see it. But the waiting and watching will be painful.

      • Eric

        Agreed. This is the back end of a great run of teams but it isn’t Jacksonville bad. The center of the offensive line is starting to play well and if the LT spot can be stabilized the offense will look a lot better (and turn the ball over much less). This Steelers team is just middling in terms of talent. In the NFL that means somewhere between 6-10 wins, depending on how the ball bounces. So far it hasn’t bounce their way.

        The thing about being a middle of the road team is that it can swing back to good team with a good draft. The bigger issue is the salary cap situation and how the FO manages to navigate fixing the problems with their hand tied behind their back.

        I wish the NFL had a site like capgeek. Then again, maybe I don’t.

        • EasyLikeSundayMorning

          I also find the negativity to be excessive. If our offense plays the way it did in the last game (with even a modest improvement at LT) and the defense plays the way it did in the first three games (with some growth from our two rookie LBs), we should be competitive against all of our last 12 games. The 4 losses make the postseason very unlikely. But this isn’t an awful team with no talent.

          • Rob D

            Nope, it’s a bad team with middling

  • Intropy

    I disagree with you guys on one point. If the Steelers lose this Jets game it’s time to give up on the season. I wouldn’t go out there and tank the games. But I make winning games this season secondary to preparing for the next one. That means you protect your stars and you try and learn everything you can about your relative unknowns by playing them.

    As for your hypothetical Bridgewater, Clowney, Matthews choice. I’m congratulating Cleveland on their new QB and thanking them for their two first round picks (and probably another third or fourth round pick as well by the trade chart). This looks like a draft where mid first round picks could garner a decent LT and a star TE both of which the Steelers could use.

    • Rob D

      I like your thinking on the draft…And saving Ben, in particular, from a Heath Miller type, seasons spanning injury, is the No. 1 job.

  • DL

    I love heath, i think he is the steelers 3rd best offensive player behind big ben and pouncey when healthy. Although his cap number is high next season, they need to keep him. I think woodley might be salary cap casualty next season….