Steelers Lounge Podcast #84: Antonio Brown

It’s another Steelers Lounge Podcast, y’all…

The Steelers finally won a game last Sunday and they somehow managed to do it without Levi Brown. To Kelvin Beachum’s credit, he was serviceable at left tackle and really, that’s all we can hope for at this point. The running game’s still a mess but we all thought Big Ben had his best game of the season against the Jets, and that was with Antonio Brown dropping a touchdown pass in the end zone.

The defense also created TWO turnovers and Vince Williams and Cam Heyward both played, to quote that guy I went to college with, “above the line.”

Oh, right: It’s Ravens week. It doesn’t have quite the feel of usual get-togethers, probably because the Steelers are 1-4. But Baltimore is struggling too, especially on offense. And hey, who knows, if Pittsburgh can eke one out, then beat the Raiders next week, they’re 3-4.

We can dream, right?

Alrighty, talking starts promptly…

Steelers Lounge Podcast #84: Antonio Brown

Steelers Lounge Podcast

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  • Terribletoweler

    There are always injuries in these games. Too hard hitting. Who hits the ground? I think the Steelers lose this game because of an offensive line injury, causing Beachum to move somewhere along the line and Mike Adams goes back in at LT. *shudder* I’m just trying to jinx the loss guys.

  • Intropy

    Raven 6 – 4 Steelers

    The Steelers take the early lead with a first quarter safety. The Ravens go ahead in the third with a fumble return touchdown, but the extra point is blocked and run back. The Steelers try to gain field position in the 4th by punting on 1st downs, but neither team moves the chains in the second half outside of the twelve unsportsmanlike conduct penalties on the defense.

    • EasyLikeSundayMorning

      Obscure rule alert… I didn’t know the rule about a returned blocked extra point. Wikipedia says that in the NFL it is a dead ball when recovered by the defense, so the defense can’t score. Apparently a blocked kick can result in a one-point safety for the kicking team if the defense doesn’t recover but knocks the ball out of the end zone.

  • Cols714

    Good podcast. It was nice to hear some optimism. Although I think the hole is too deep to get out of, 7-9 would be nice at this point.

    As for Haley, I’ve been critical of him, but he called a great game last week.

  • Eric

    I think the point JJ/Ted made about the depth of the roster is an interesting one. I would agree that this is probably the worst the Steelers depth has ever been but I would also argue that that is largely irrelevant. Take the Colts or Patriots. I would argue that those teams also have lousy back end guys. Yet they’ve consistently won.

    The Steelers crappy record isn’t because the depth is bad. It’s because there are gaping holes in the starting lineup. At the beginning of the year the offense lacked a credible running back, tight end and left tackle. That’s a huge amount of structural problems to overcome. Which they couldn’t. Add in an average defense and below average special teams and you get 0-4.

    I am more interested to see how things go moving forward. Bell looks like a definite improvement at RB, Heath is back and maybe Beachum can do a decent job.

    • EasyLikeSundayMorning

      I think there are many positions in which production has improved: the three you mentioned (RB, TE, LT) plus Antonio, Heyward, Jarvis and Vince Williams. Because they are almost all due to guys recovering from injury or young guys starting to get it, they all seem like sustainable improvements rather than aberrations. The exception is Antonio who is playing at an unsustainable pace.