Steelers Lounge Podcast #85: Nate Washington

It’s another Steelers Lounge Podcast, y’all…

Two games, two wins. And this time, the Steelers did it with GUY WHIMPER.

Seriously, we all tip our Steely McBeam hard hat in Whimper’s direction, as well as the entire offensive line. David DeCastro had one of the most impressing run-blocking performances I’ve ever seen, and Kelvin Beachum continues to be solid at left tackle.

Oh, and Le’Veon Bell.

Easily the Steelers’ most patient runner since the Bus, Bell suddenly adds a dimension missing from this team the last few years: a running game.

Weird, right?

As for the Ravens, we get Gretz’s perspective from 522, talk about the onside kick, Manny’s touchdown return that wasn’t, Troy leap-frogging the line and what that could’ve meant, as well as a bunch of other stuff.

Now if the Steelers can beat the Raiders (seriously, why have they struggled so much against this team?) then I might be willing to concede that they’re back in this thing.

Alrighty, talking starts promptly…

Steelers Lounge Podcast #85: Nate Washington

Steelers Lounge Podcast

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  • Cols714

    DeCastro showed what a 1st round guard should be. If they had started Beachum at LT from the 1st game, we’d be 4-2.

    • Terribletoweler

      I think you’re right that we’d have a better record, but I don’t know about 4-2. I know this is nit picking but I think 3-3 is a better estimate. We would still have been one dimensional without Bell, and Miller’s return and shaking off the rust has helped the o-line and the passing game. We like to run to the right and up the middle, so Beachum wouldn’t help much there. We’d still have suffered the debacle during the Pouncey injury game as well, with just as little ability to compensate. Maybe the London game is different without Jared Allen hanging off Ben the whole time.

      I just don’t see us winning the Titans game or the Bengals game even with Beachum at LT. Probably not the Bears either, but maybe the Vikings game.

      • David

        Time will tell. We might have found a LT and KR. We sure as hell found a RB. Let’s beat OAK first, then start talking about this more.

  • drobviousso

    Anyone have a link to that Ike/Andy podcast? My google-fu is failing.

  • ryan
  • Intropy

    Troy reads this blog and wanted to make my prediction of an extra point run back come true.

    • Terribletoweler

      Perhaps he shares your dream…. and if you share dreams, you might be the same person. No, it can’t be….. Troy? You can’t spell Intropy without T-R-O-Y! Hey, I never claimed to be clever or funny.

  • Randy Steele

    After watching this game, most of us would agree that the Steelers seem to be solving some of their problems and are likely emerging from this season’s Tunnel of Darkness.

    The Ravens, on the other hand, seem to have just begun their journey into it.

    Have a nice trip, fellas!

    • countertorque

      Flacco’s contract extension should be paying dividends for years to come.

      • Rob D

        I wonder if even BEn’s career as a Steeler will be shorter than expected considering the cap hit we take? Right now, you can still can him elite (I still have him top 5. no question in my mind) but that can change fast. One more major injury to his shoulder or knees and things get murky He’s a player who relies on his legs and arm strength even in his 30′s. WE are just as burdened as the Ravens are/will be. It’s just that our guy is elite and their guy WAS elite for one post season.

        • Randy Steele

          I’ve been wondering about that, too, Rob. Rothlisberger’s contract is up in 2016, but negotiations for big-time quarterbacks such as he usually begin two years before, which means negotiations should begin in earnest next year.

          It will be interesting to see how much sacrifice the Steelers’ front office is willing to bear to keep No. 7 at the helm.

          • Terribletoweler

            I am of the mind that if the line gels and holds, and he makes it through this season intact, they’ll start that negotiation process. Extend him through 2018. In part I think it is because they believe if they can get fewer quality hits on him he’ll stay elite and be durable. His track record suggest durability when he’s not getting hammered.

          • Rob D

            You mean I can take off the flak jacket and remove my helmet? Cool..cause I thought I’d be beaten by a mob for this’s not a pleasant thought.being Big Ben-less..but it’s something we might want to think about. Remember he doesn’t seem to get the protection other QB’s routinely get..people get to fall with their full body weight a lot of times with him.I know ..its a bit of whine at times but I believe the officials want to give him time to work his magic out of the pocket and are afraid to blow the whistle too soon. But they often seem to also let the D have a free shot at times. Anyway…

        • David

          Oh come on, you don’t get on a McDonald’s commercial with Kaepernick unless you’re…oh, he’s not elite either. You bring up a great point!

          Ole Unibrow is a batted-down pass away from being on another team. Maybe that was a blessing in disguise. I hate that the Raisins won it all, though.

          RE: Ben
          My guess is he will retire a Steeler. Or he should. See Farve, or hell even Montana. Didn’t work out for them on other teams.

          • Randy Steele

            Farve? Montana? So, the real question is whether the Steelers’ front office concludes that Ben should retire as a Steeler, correct?

          • David

            True. Also, Ben has taken “less” money than he would’ve gotten elsewhere and restructured several times. And I don’t see anything he’s doing now that would make the FO think he shouldn’t retire a Steeler. Now, if he starts acting like off-season Ben, circa 2010-11, that’s a different story.

  • Rob D

    Why do we not have a new yesterday. I think Drew is still out there. ‘Get him back please.