Steelers Lounge Podcast #86: Hines Ward

It’s another Steelers Lounge Podcast, y’all…

Thanks, Bengals, for losing Thursday night. That makes the Steelers’ showing in Oakland even harder to take … and on that note, welcome to another Steelers Lounge Podcast!

Seriously though, can we all agree that the 2013 Steelers aren’t going anywhere? Of course, that’ll mean they’ll beat the Pats before the bottom falls out again. Whatever, we talk about what happened in Oakland, take a long look at all that’s wrong with this team (and yes, I finally concede that Todd Haley should enjoy his final two months in Pittsburgh), and hunt for positives in a season that’s largely been a disappointment.

Then we look ahead to Sunday’s game against a pretty bad Pats team. For what it’s worth — and I’d imagine about as much as a 2nd quarter Tomlin challenge — I have the Steelers winning. Bet your life savings accordingly.

Alrighty, talking starts promptly…

Steelers Lounge Podcast #86: Hines Ward

Steelers Lounge Podcast

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  • Cols714

    At least we will have a new OC next year. That alone is enough to give me hope for 2014. Haley is Tomlin’s Kevin Gilbride hire. Someone who is capable of running and offense but just doesn’t fit the QB we have.

    • Rob D

      Good comparison, IMO, Cols. I remember a San Diego fan talking to me about just how bad Gilbride would be with our offense. It was just a statement of facts with no vitriol and little emotion. He felt BAD for scared me and it was not exactly a brilliant hire.I’m a big believer that most OC’s are wedded to a scheme and are loathe to change it.

  • Eric

    I don’t think Mesko’s release indicates they made a mistake in letting Butler go. Butler and Mesko were basically the same punter statistically. The only difference is that Mesko had previously had some better years and they were probably hoping he would round back into form.

  • Eric

    The zone blocking thing is interesting. JJ makes the point that if a defender was injured the scheme wouldn’t change. Which is obviously true but ignores the fact that the Steelers have been drafting for the scheme for over a decade. Every player was drafted to fit that scheme.

    That isn’t true with the zone blocking scheme. Foster doesn’t fit it. I’m not sure Velasco does either. The tackles haven’t proven to fit any scheme! If you only have two guys who are really well suited to it and you lose one, maybe you do make a switch. Especially if DeCastro is good enough to play in either scheme? Wouldn’t we be pissed as fans if the coaching staff insisted on a scheme that doesn’t fit the players? Isn’t that the main criticism of Haley?

  • Eric

    I agree that the Steelers miss Wallace but I also think it’s fair to wonder if we’ve overrated his ability. He sure doesn’t seem to be backing defensive backs up in Miami.

  • Eric

    We don’t run well consistently and Roethlisberger takes enormous beatings. We’re all sure Haley is gone after this year but why are we so confident that a new scheme will change anything? Haley and Arians ran different offenses and yet we still have the exact same problems. Both Haley and Arians used a lot on bubble screens to cover up for the offensive line. Isn’t that the root of the problem with the Steelers offense? Is a new scheme (and the time it takes to learn a new offense) really going to magically fix everything?