So you’re telling me there’s a chance

I’m not saying they’re going to do it, or that the chances of it happening are even very high, but the Steelers are still in this thing. Even more, Thursday’s game in Baltimore is actually kind of huge. Perhaps even the biggest game ever between two 5-6 teams.

After starting the season 0-4,  just having a chance is way more than I expected at this point. Going on a 5-2 run over the past seven games sure does change things. The offense, especially with the recent addition of the no-huddle, looks competent. The defense is forcing turnovers.


Just a few quick thoughts on Monday afternoon at the start of a short week.

– William Gay has been playing really good football this season and played perhaps his best game as a pro on Sunday when it comes to making splash plays (though, he did get away with one on that sack/forced fumble play. No idea how that’s not a penalty).

– Cameron Heyward is turning into quite a player.

– What’s happened to Jason Worilds over the past four weeks, and especially the past two? He’s not only looked like an NFL player, he’s looked like a force on the pass rush. He’s been all over the quarterback in recent weeks and has been credited with 10 quarterback hits in just the past two weeks. I mentioned this to Ryan shortly after Sunday’s game and he simply responded by saying that ever since Worilds was moved to the left side he’s been a terror. Maybe when he’s playing the left side and he’s actually healthy he can be a useful player. It’s just a shame it didn’t happen until he’s due to become a free agent. He’s like the Keenan Lewis of linebackers.

– Antonio Brown is starting to make a believer out of me with all of these big plays. I didn’t think he had it in him.

– Seriously, let’s just keep running this no-huddle and see where it takes them.


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  • dennisdoubleday

    Where’s ted lately? I figure if praise of Worilds doesn’t bring him out, nothing will :-)

  • drobviousso

    “– Cameron Heyward is turning into quite a player.

    – What’s happened to Jason Worilds over the past four weeks,”

    These two things. I think they might be related….

  • Randy Steele

    Dale Lolley made an important point, which I will paraphrase: Among the teams vying for the last wildcard, which one has the best quarterback?

    Yeah, you know the answer.

    • Terribletoweler

      Not to be pessimistic, but I knew which 0-4 team had the best quarterback too. I like our chances with Ben, but when we’re imploding, he can’t be our superman.

    • drobviousso

      Um, the Chargers…

  • Rob D

    Heyward should have been playing as a starter before this. It’s a useless statement because we all know the litany of reasons it didn’t happen. I’m hoping the idea of a long fermentation period for even first round talents is over after this year. Play the kids . live with their mistakes. Shamarko or Golden should be starting for the washed up Ryan Clark by now in this down year (which is turning into an interesting year, granted). I love Clark…he’s been an unreal Steeler and a FArrior-like steal for the Steelers FO. But it’s over. Ike may or may not be showing the first signs of a steep decline. I give him all the credit that it may not be so..but he’s at the age where the cliff…
    Woodley…Worilds actually makes plays and gets pressure. I think Woodley is one of those big guys who does a slow fade at the end of his career after a productive first half of his career. He’s a long way away from 08 when he made the final big play in the SB to seal things. Time marches can’t assume a guy will play up to former levels, especially when he’s sidelined with injury so much. Big decisions ahead..but enjoying the resurgence even if I don’t think they are getting there (the playoffs) this year. More like the last gasp of a very proud team. I’d feel better if Ben had some weapons who can run. Especially that new rage..the TE with WR speed a la Vernon Davis.

  • israelp

    Fedko ranted yesterday (on with Steigerwald) that if the Steelers win this week, they will win out, win the division and take two playoff games, losing in the AFC Championship to New England. (He ignored the possibility that they’d meet NE in the Divisional Round.)

    • EasyLikeSundayMorning

      An Israel sighting! I feel like that’s a good omen… Welcome back…

      • Rob D

        Verily, it was foretold in the Big Book of Steeler Football..and I quote “For Israelp shalt return to the Lounge and wins shall follow in his wake” Let’s get they band back together and do this thing!

  • EasyLikeSundayMorning

    Austin Powers says, “Yeah, baby!”

    I say: just win on Thursday, baby.