View From 522: Steelers vs. Bengals

Since Gretz is a season ticket holder he is going to tell you about all of the debauchery and insanity that takes place in the Heinz Field stands. 

I’ve been meaning to sit down and write this all week but just haven’t had a chance (the holidays are here, you know), and that’s a shame because Sunday night’s win over the Bengals was actually pretty entertaining and even a little unexpected.

It was also damn cold. Single digit wind chills. Windy. Just plain bitter cold. The type of cold that makes your feet feel like concrete blocks by the time you’re ready to go inside. Fortunately my brother had the brilliant idea to stop off in a local bar and spend two hours drinking cheap beer and watching other football games to get out of the elements for a couple of hours and then head into the stadium just in time for kickoff.

A few quick thoughts on the game.

1) For the second time this season we had a clearly intoxicated girl in front of us (this time directly in front of us) that thought buying a ticket off of a scalper gave her the chance to do whatever she wanted, up to and including waving her arms around and dancing all over the row. When somebody told super fan to sit down during plays she started swearing and told people to go home because this was a Steelers game and she was there to GET LOUD.

If you’re a first-timer (or an any-timer), don’t act like that.

Her husband, clearly embarrassed, apologized to everybodyand said “I knew she was going to do this.” That’s always encouraging. Then he pulled a bottle of Jagermeister out of his pocket and offered us drink.

No idea how he got that in.

(We politely declined, by the way).

Super fan left at halftime.

2) Attendance was only 45,000, a 7,000 decrease from the previous week. Heinz Field seats 65,000. That has to be one of the smallest crowds ever at a Steelers game. Frankly, given the temperature, the Steelers record, and the fact it was a Sunday night game I expected it to be even smaller. But the people that were there seemed to be into the game and enjoying the win.

3) And what a win it was, the first quarter was perhaps the best 15 minutes of football the Steelers played all season. It ended up getting a little too close at the end, but it still got the job done.

4) There was a play in the first quarter, I want to say it was the third down play before Antonio Brown’s punt return touchdown, that the Steelers defense had 12 players on the field and nobody noticed it. The Steelers made a late substitution right before the snap with nobody exiting the field. Thinking that this looked odd, I counted the Steelers. Sure enough, there were 12 on the field.

5) Given that he played maybe three snaps on Sunday night and was placed on injured reserve earlier this week is it fair to say we have seen the last of LaMarr Woodley in a Steelers uniform? I mentioned this last week but that cap money is going to be empty next season whether he’s on the roster or not, and with Jason Worilds kicking ass and taking names on the left side (assuming he hasn’t priced his way out of the Steelers’ salary cap situation), and Jarvis Jones probably slated to take over on the right side, how do you possibly keep a guy that can’t stay on the field, and isn’t that productive anymore when he is on it?

6) Two things I’m really starting to like about the Steelers offense. A) The no-huddle. We’ve been screaming about it for years, but where the hell was this earlier in the season when it might have made a difference? B) Le’Veon Bell as a pass receiver. I’m still not sure he’s been that great as a runner, though most of that is probably due to the offensive line in front of him (actually, I’m sure that’s what it is), but he’s been really good coming out of the backfield and making plays in the passing game. I’m not sure when the Steelers had a running back that was this good (or this utilized) as a pass catcher. More of these two things over the next two games and into next season.

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  • David

    Think Woodley’s gone? Read Kovacevic’s column today at the Trib-Review.
    Man, talk about not letting the door hit you in the rear when you leave…

    • Canadian Steeler

      That piece is bit of a smear job but I completely agree with cutting Woodley. But you have to learn from the mistake of his massive deal with Worilds. Worilds is far less impressive and proven than Woodley was at that stage. It must’ve helped having James Harrison on the other side, but let’s not forget Woodley had 2 sacks each of his first 4(? I think) playoff games. Let’s not make the same massive contract mistake again.

      • Rob D

        Worilds has been impressive but it’s a very short time to judge him. He was a bust, IMO, up until this year. A pass rusher who couldn’t rush the passer. I believe he’ll test the market..whether the Steelers retain him or not may be up to what other teams think of him. I don’t imagine he’d be very happy with his career so far and may want to cash in. If he leaves, Woodley is a Steeler next year.