Week 17 Game Thread: Browns vs. Steelers

Keep hope alive.

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  • Cols714

    I have that game on DVD thanks to a commenter at the old HSS site. I think it may have been Rob D.

    • Rob D

      Cool..I vaguely remember that, Cols..early days of finding torrents etc.

  • Eric

    Here’s hoping we go 4-0 today.

  • dennisdoubleday

    Everything breaking right so far, mid 3rd quarter. Not getting hopes up for KC, though

  • Sarah

    So KC is benching everybody??? Argh!!

    • Steve

      I bet Todd Haley would have played his starters. Why can’t the Chiefs get a head coach like him?

    • countertorque

      Fast Willie Parker became a starter for the Steelers because they benched everybody on week 17 a few years back. The Steeler backups ran all over the Bills starters who needed a win to make the playoffs.
      Didn’t go our way this year.

  • Cols714

    Can’t blame anyone but ourselves. Losing all of those early games to less than spectacular competition is our own fault. It’s amazing that we are even in this position. At least the future seems bright again.

  • Cols714

    Jeebus. A missed 38 yard FG ephed us. And the refs ephed us by not giving KC that strip on the fake punt. Eph eph eph.
    Yeah yeah I know, our own fault for losing to tennessee and oakland

  • Cols714

    I still don’t see why that fake punt wasn’t a fumble. They let him be pushed past the 30 and he was still moving forward yet they called forward progress at the exact point he fumbled? Ugh. So pissed.

  • Rob D

    I knew after Succup (bet he had a tough go in high school..lol) missed, that it was going to be tough. They say the NFL isn’t fixed, and I generally agree. But basically pulling your team in favour of numerous backups (not just the QB WR etc) IS throwing a game. I’ll be rooting against KC this post season, even though I like their squad. Going into the playoff on a 2 game losing streak isn’t necessarily a good thing although the Ravens did OK.
    The call on the field with the 4th down conversion have me confused. Now they are saying a helmet came off and that rendered the play dead.I give up..the voodoo stuff they throw at us every week isn’t worth the time to figure out..imo..you just hope you come out on the correct side of the fix, I guess…lol..”know your pit boss”

    • Cols714

      I don’t think its corrupt. It’s just incompetence.

  • Eric

    The Cleveland tire fire is..er..still on fire.