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Cortez Allen has knee surgery

The Pittsburgh Steelers are one week into training camp and the injuries are already starting to pile up. At tight end the status of starter Heath Miller remains unknown, while his top backup, David Johnson, recently underwent knee surgery that … Continue reading

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Who owns a Limas Sweed jersey? This guy in the Johnny Manziel picture

Heisman Trophy winner Johnn Manziel has been all over the news the past few weeks because he’s a prominent college football player acting like your run-of-the-mill college student. Scandalous stuff, and I could not possibly care less about any of … Continue reading

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Mike Tomlin is on Twitter

The big news out of Latrobe on Friday as the Steelers start to trickle in for the start of training camp is that head coach Mike Tomlin is now on Twitter. That’s right, you, the fan, now have the ability … Continue reading

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Let’s talk about the Steelers

If you’ve still been checking into this site hoping against hope to find a new update, you’re quite simply the best. Needless to say, we’ve ignored you a little bit. The combination of the offseason in the post-draft, post-free agency … Continue reading

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Did the Steelers make the right move keeping Emmanuel Sanders?

By matching New England’s offer sheet for restricted free agent wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders the Steelers have one less hole to fill heading into the 2013 season. And that’s a good thing. There is just one tiny little problem with … Continue reading

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Fear and Loathing in Pittsburgh

Hines Ward, a former Steeler that once called out his team’s two-time Super Bowl winning quarterback on national television for not playing with a concussion, joined the circle of seventh grade girls that has been the Pittsburgh Steelers locker room … Continue reading

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Mike Wallace won’t be easy to replace

Mike Wallace, like most members of the Steelers offense in 2012, did not have an impressive season. This has resulted in most of Pittsburgh (at least from my perspective — maybe you’re seeing and hearing something different) to wish him … Continue reading

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The 2012 Steelers: Missed Opportunities, Mind Games, And Trying To Figure Out What The Hell Happened

Even though the Pittsburgh Steelers still have one game remaining on their schedule we already know the 2012 season is officially over. In what is a relatively rare event around these parts (a regular season Steelers game that doesn’t mean … Continue reading

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View From 522: Steelers vs. Chargers

Hi. For the six of you that still check in on this site hoping to see an update, thanks for that! But today we actually have something for you, and we hope you enjoy it. Since Adam is a Steelers … Continue reading

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The NFL is crazy

I’m not going to lie. I didn’t have any expectations for this one. I punted on the Steelers chances for Sunday’s game in Baltimore and was resigned to the fact they were going to be 6-6 and was plotting out … Continue reading

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