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Chattin’ Thread for the Month of May

For the slowest time of year, it’s the monthly chattin’ thread.

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Big Ben Says Haley’s Offense ‘All About the No-Huddle’

Despite my initial reservations, I’ve come around on Todd Haley, OC, even if he seems to lack basic people-person skills. But this is football; yelling, screaming, cursing and stomping aren’t out of the ordinary unless you’re Tony Dungy. A potentially … Continue reading

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Steelers Almost Traded Up With Jets to Get DeCastro

JJ brought it up on our draft preview podcast, Ted mentioned it midway through the first round, and according to NFL Network’s Jason La Canfora, the Steelers were this close to trading up to grab Stanford guard David DeCastro, the … Continue reading

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7th-Rounder Toney Clemons Now Has Our Attention

On paper, the Steelers had one of their best drafts in recent memory. Still, with training camp a couple months off, they’re looking for depth at wide receiver. Mike Wallace is taking his sweet time signing his tender, but I … Continue reading

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Steelers Decide ‘Skill Position Players’ Isn’t Realistic Way to Protect Big Ben

That was something. I was at Radio City Music Hall for all 253 picks and while Thursday and Friday couldn’t have gone better for the Steelers (I was calling for them to trade up for DeCastro before the Bengals got … Continue reading

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2012 Steelers Draft, Rounds 4-7: Open Thread

Alright, folks, one more day to go. Have at it.

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2012 Steelers Draft, Rounds 2-3: Open Thread

Well, the first round couldn’t have gone any better. But there’s still work to do. The Steelers have needs at linebacker and possibly defensive line. ¬†Of course, as always, it’ll depend on what happens in front of them. In the … Continue reading

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Pittsburgh Steelers 2012 NFL Mock Drafts (3 Versions)

Below are three different hypothetical mock drafts for the 2012 Steelers based on positions of need both in the short-term and long-term, the best-player-available philosophy that Pittsburgh generally likes to follow within reason, how the overall draft board shapes up … Continue reading

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Steelers Must Address Continued Offensive Line Woes Early in 2012 NFL Draft

Four potential roster spots on the 2012 Pittsburgh Steelers were recently claimed. First, the April 20th deadline passed with no other franchise making an offer to restricted free agent Mike Wallace, which essentially guarantees Wallace will be back with Pittsburgh … Continue reading

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Another View on Tomlin, Arians, Big Ben and Art II

I saw longtime reader Randy Steele’s comment on the previous post about all the upheaval going on at Steelers HQ and thought it would make for a good standalone post. Randy’s views differ from most folks’ here and that’s okay. … Continue reading

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