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Deebo Preemptively Calls Out NFL on New Rule

There may be no football on the horizon, but the league has been busy little beavers when it comes to protecting the players it has currently locked out. Yesterday, NFL vice president Adolpho Birch (seriously, you can’t make this stuff … Continue reading

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Roger Goodell Speaks With Steelers Fans

I don’t have the expertise of the Lounge Legal Department when it comes to this lockout nonsense, and I’m not going to pretend that I do. But, since my family has held Steelers season tickets since the opening of Heinz … Continue reading

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How Court Rulings May Affect Free Agents: Offense

I will gladly defer to Jeremy of the Lounge Legal Department to explain what I contend was a flawed decision by the Eighth Circuit. Regardless, that decision likely greatly increased the chance of cornerback Ike Taylor re-signing with the Steelers … Continue reading

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More NFL Draft Silliness…

While we wait for the 2011 season to be canceled, more words and tables about the 2000-2010 NFL Drafts and why the Steelers are so unbelievably awesome… Just a few more odds and ends from my previous SL Time Machine … Continue reading

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LLD: What Latest Opinion Means for Actual Football

Lounge Legal Department here, with your latest sure-fire cure for insomnia. As I’m sure some of you have read by now, Mike Florio is hyperventilating over at PFT about the latest judicial opinion in a story that basically amounts to … Continue reading

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Great News: Ike Wants to Stay

A few nuggets worth pointing out from this KDKA interview with Ike Taylor, the man that holds the key to the Steelers’ 2011 Super Bowl hopes and dreams. “For sure I would love to retire as a Steeler,” Taylor told … Continue reading

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Tiki Has Been Sent to Save the Steelers

Waiting for football, preaching to the choir… There’s a better chance the Steelers sign Ike Taylor to the most expensive contract in NFL history, but the New York Post keeps reporting it so it must be true: “Signs Point to … Continue reading

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Captain Pantload Watch: John Harris Can’t Quit Ike

The usual disclaimer: apologies to Fire Joe Morgan for hacky-ing up what they did so well. If the NFL labor issues had been resolved last year — like Ike’s contract should have been (see what I did there?) — I … Continue reading

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Goin’ Deep: Cameron Heyward

Reader EasyLikeSundayMorning sent this comment along Tuesday night: “A suggestion for a post: a listing of the best articles, videos, scouting reports, etc. for each of our draft picks. I’m lazy and I assume I’m not the only one.” If … Continue reading

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Mendenhall Should Make His Twitter Account Private

That didn’t take long. Less than 24 hours after Rashard Mendenhall tweets incomprehensibly about Osama bin Laden, there are, predictably, calls for the Steelers to cut him. I didn’t see the tweet until this morning, after reader Israel asked via Twitter … Continue reading

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