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Steelers Lounge Podcast #47: Juan vs. Troy — Mel Blount

We’re more than a week into training camp, there’s a new CBA, and everybody’s now eligible to practice. The problem, of course, is that injuries have plenty of guys hobbled, particularly those who could most use the reps. Like, say, … Continue reading

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Projecting the Steelers’ 53-Man Roster and Other Goodies (V 1.0)

This initial projection assumes that the Steelers do not sign any other free agents and do not lose any players to season-ending injuries. Obviously the projected 53-man roster could change if key players were lost for significant time. Moreover, the … Continue reading

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Offensive Line Isn’t a Steelers Priority

There understandably is a lot of head scratching among Steelers fans in the past 24 hours. On Thursday night, Max Starks was cut and Jonathan Scott and Willie Colon were signed. On Friday morning, Flozell Adams was jettisoned as well. … Continue reading

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Predicted Opening Game Inactives for the Pittsburgh Steelers

One of the dumber rules in the NFL is that teams can only dress 45 players from its 53-man roster each game. This rule is why reserves have to be able to play multiple positions and largely why the Steelers … Continue reading

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Steelers Final 53: Not Much to Complain About

I was all set to hoist myself up on the soapbox and sermonize about why Jonathan Dwyer had no business on the final 53-man roster if it meant the practice squad or worse for some other promising young player. I … Continue reading

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Dreaming of a Top-Tier Pittsburgh Steelers’ Practice Squad

The Steelers just made some of their most difficult final cuts in years. Some players, such as special-teams standouts Stefan Logan and Patrick Bailey, as well as talented young corner Joe Burnett, will have to hook up with other teams, … Continue reading

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Steelers Make Final Cuts, 53-Man Roster Is Set (for Now)

Consider this your “Hey, why the hell did they release that guy?!” thread…

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When It Comes to Cuts, Steelers Choose Wisely

Because we’re diehard fans, the four of us here at the Lounge spend a lot of time wondering and worrying about the cuts that will get Pittsburgh roster down to 53. But this morning something struck me. The Steelers may … Continue reading

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Final Steelers’ Projected 53-Man Final Roster and Other Goodies

A tumultuous Pittsburgh Steelers’ offseason and crazy preseason is finally complete. Then, the unfortunate news arrived this morning that quarterback Byron Leftwich was deemed out for an extended period due to a torn MCL and thus probably ticketed to the … Continue reading

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Mewelde Moore Is Bad Luck In the Preseason

Mewelde Moore is a fine backup/third down back. But in the preseason, he’s voodoo to Steelers’ quarterbacks. You may not remember, but it was Moore’s botched assignment during a preseason game in 2008 that led to Charlie Batch breaking his … Continue reading

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