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The NFL is a monster that crushes everything in its path

Just look at these damn numbers.

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Just Because: The Time Bruce Coslet Gave Steeler Fans the Finger

This has absolutely nothing to do with anything that is even remotely relevant to the 2013 Pittsburgh Steelers. It also probably makes anybody that clicks on it dumber for having read it. I simply do not care. For reasons I … Continue reading

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Deebo Looks Weird in Orange

Here was my day Tuesday: Get up at 3:30AM, me and the wife dump the kids in the car (ages 2 and 6), drive an hour to the airport, fly an hour to Teterboro, NJ (my father-in-law has a private … Continue reading

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Wanted: Steelers tailgate information, recipes, etc.

I’m in the very early stages of a project and I need your help.

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Who owns a Limas Sweed jersey? This guy in the Johnny Manziel picture

Heisman Trophy winner Johnn Manziel has been all over the news the past few weeks because he’s a prominent college football player acting like your run-of-the-mill college student. Scandalous stuff, and I could not possibly care less about any of … Continue reading

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Mike Tomlin is on Twitter

The big news out of Latrobe on Friday as the Steelers start to trickle in for the start of training camp is that head coach Mike Tomlin is now on Twitter. That’s right, you, the fan, now have the ability … Continue reading

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2012 Pittsburgh Steelers Projected Roster and Other Goodies (V 3.0; Worilds on PUP)

It has been an offseason of change for the Steelers, highlighted by the forced retirements of Pittsburgh legends James Farrior, Aaron Smith and Hines Ward. The Steelers, however, remain one of the better teams in the NFL and a legitimate … Continue reading

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About that Mike Tomlin/Jacksonville Media Nonsense

This is so stupid. Mike Tomlin made news on Wednesday because he hung up on the Jacksonville media during a conference call. The problems started early in the call when one reporter kept asking questions about the 2007 playoff game … Continue reading

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Video: Dick LeBeau Tackles Haywood Jeffires

Since the Steelers are playing Houston this upcoming Sunday this seems like as good a time as any to post this completely random video of a 1989 Bengals-Oilers game. Why? Because Bengals defensive coordinator Dick LeBeau, who looks the same … Continue reading

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What, You Thought an Earthquake Would Stop the Steelers?

Hey, did you guys hear about the earthquake on Tuesday? Did you feel it? Did it render you completely useless for the following two hours like I was? Not if you’re the Pittsburgh Steelers. That’s why they’re champions, I guess. … Continue reading

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