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SL Time Machine: More Re-Draftin’, 2000-2010

Rick Reilly has an edict that, ironically, he seems to repeat every time he opens his mouth: “One of my rules is to write sentences that have never been uttered before in the history of the English language.” I will … Continue reading

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Alan Faneca, Retirement and Revisionist History

So Alan Faneca retired yesterday. It’s easy to agree with Ed Bouchette when he writes that Faneca was the “the greatest guard in Steelers history.” But despite Faneca’s place in Steelers history — and ultimately, the Hall of Fame — … Continue reading

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2011 Steelers Draft Class: By the Numbers

We don’t yet have football but when we do, the seven newest members of the Steelers will already have their numbers. Wex tweeted the word out earlier this week, and because I have nothing better to do, I took a … Continue reading

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The Browns Are Cute

This is innocuous, for sure, but I have to bring it up because when I first read it over the weekend I was immediately taken back to a simpler time, before social media, when newspapers mattered, and Osama bin Laden … Continue reading

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A Look at the Steelers Before Chuck Noll, Joe Greene Turned Them Into Winners

If you’re a semi-regular reader of this site you’re probably aware of our fascination with Steelers history, no matter how random or obscure it may be (Two words: Walter Abercrombie). Since the early 1970′s the Steelers have been one of … Continue reading

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For Reasons We Can’t Explain, Here’s a Walter Abercrombie Highlight Video

Sandwiched between the careers of Franco Harris and Tim Worley was the probably forgotten career of Walter Abercrombie, the Steelers’ first round pick (No. 12 overall) in 1982 out of Baylor University. And while his career was never destined for … Continue reading

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John Steigerwald Hastens the Return of Captain Pantload Watch!

This is like shooting fish in a barrel, I know, but sometimes you can’t just sit idly by while stupidity runs rampant. The internet has numbed us to a lot of the idiocy, and in general, my first reaction is … Continue reading

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Damn You, Tom Brady

I heard about Tom Brady crying before I actually saw it. Kornheiser and Wilbon talked about it on PTI Monday, and I figured it would be one more opportunity to clown the Patriots’ metrosexual quarterback, who ultimately gets the last … Continue reading

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Random Video: That Time Steve Bono Threw a Touchdown Pass to John Stallworth

Before Hines Ward set the standard that all other Steelers wide receivers will be measured by, John Stallworth was the clubs all-time leader in catches, yards and touchdowns. He was also a Super Bowl legend thanks to his performances in … Continue reading

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Hines Ward Out of Running for Madden Cover

Hines Ward is still going strong on Dancing With The Stars (you can watch him tonight, if you’re not watching the NCAA championship game or, for the masochists in the crowd, the Pirates) ┬ábut he has been eliminated in the … Continue reading

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