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Steelers Still Have To Worry About Kickoffs

As Gretz has pointed out, the NFL’s recent decision to move kickoffs back to the 35-yard line should help the life expectancy of Steelers’ fans. Less kickoff returns equals less heartburn when opposing teams take those kickoffs to the house. … Continue reading

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Kickoffs May Not Be As Big a Problem for Steelers in 2011

If you’re tired of watching Steelers kickers fail to reach the end zone on kickoffs and then helplessly watch as they allow a return out to the 40-yard line, I have some good news for you. The NFL approved a … Continue reading

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Steelers Face Tough Calls on Super Bowl Dress Roster

Although NFL teams keep and fully pay 53 players on their regular rosters, only 46 are allowed to dress on gamedays, which includes an emergency No. 3 quarterback. Pittsburgh standout defensive end Aaron Smith (triceps) may return for his first … Continue reading

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Steelers Need to Activate Worilds Against Jets to Boost Special Teams

Over the past 20 years, the Steelers have had the best defense in the NFL and have been the most consistently successful squad over that span, making their eighth trip to the AFC Championship game in the past 17 years … Continue reading

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Let The Tryouts Begin: Steelers Reportedly Bringing In Kickers Tuesday

After missing a 26-yard field goal on Sunday night, and then running off a laundry list of excuses and calling out everyone from the Heinz Field turf, to the media, to the fans, Jeff Reed’s place as the Steelers kicker … Continue reading

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The Problem With Franchising Kickers: They’re Wildly Inconsistent

The Pittsburgh Steelers don’t make many mistakes when it comes to personnel moves, so I typically try to give them the benefit of the doubt. When they placed the franchise tag on Jeff Reed this past summer, for example, I … Continue reading

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Tomlin’s Decision Not to IR Aaron Smith Right Now Is Unorthodox But Makes Sense

Head coach Mike Tomlin surprised fans of Steeler Nation and its press corps at his Tuesday press conference by announcing the team had no immediate plans to place veteran defensive end Aaron Smith on the season-ending injured reserve list despite … Continue reading

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The 2010 Steelers Are Very Good, But Are they Super Bowl Material?

No logical Pittsburgh fan could be upset with the Steelers’ 3-1 start to the 2010 season without suspended franchise quarterback Ben Roethlisberger, who will be back in the starting lineup in two weeks against Cleveland following a bye this week. … Continue reading

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Sepulveda’s Kickoffs Know How To Hang Around

The same week that Jeff Reed pointed the finger at his teammates to divert blame from himself, Daniel Sepulveda made a pretty strong case that Reed shouldn’t be kicking off. Given a chance to kick off for the first time, … Continue reading

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Analyzing the Last In and Out (Part 2)

We recently posted a current projected Steelers’ 53-man opening day roster, including the last 14 to be cut and the last 14 to make the team. On Wednesday we broke down how the last seven currently projected to make the … Continue reading

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