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Chattin’ Thread for the Week of August 6

Alrighty, folks, the preseason is upon us. The Steelers face the Eagles Thursday. In the meantime, feel free to discuss Big Ben’s latest malady or the less ridiculous development: Mike Adams has been taking first-team snaps at left tackle. Off … Continue reading

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Ike Says Mike Is Frustrated

Somewhere, I’m on record as saying that I don’t care if Mike Wallace sits comfortably on his couch this summer because he wants more money. My only issue with that strategy is that unlike previous offseasons, the Steelers have a … Continue reading

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Steelers-Browns Week 17 Chattin’ Thread

Let’s go Bills, let’s go Bengals, let’s go Steelers…

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Week 13: Bengals-Steelers Chattin’ Thread

Every game from here on out is big. Also: let’s go Browns!

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Week 12: Steelers-Chiefs Game Thread

Consider this your chattin’ thread…

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Ravens-Steelers Rematch Game Thread

Remember, people: the standard is the standard. And while you’re at it, play above the line.  It’s go time.

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Chattin’ Thread for the Week of October 9

Max Starks. Season saved. Commence with the chattin’…

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Chattin’ Thread for the Week of Oct. 3

Feel free to discuss how your therapist is helping you through the latest Steelers debaclement…

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View From 522: Steelers vs. Falcons

Since Gretz is a season-ticket holder, he’s going to take a look at the debauchery and insanity that takes place in the Heinz Field stands after every home game he attends.

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Reports: Max Starks to be Released

This one caught me by surprise, but according to several reports, including Jason Laconfora, Fox Sports and many others at this point, the Steelers are preparing to release Max Starks this week in an effort to re-work their offensive line. … Continue reading

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