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Week 14 Game Thread: San Diego Chargers

It would be nice if the Steelers won today. Same for the Redskins and Cowboys.

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Week 13 Game Thread: Baltimore Ravens

First, I would like to apologize to Byron for saying that Charlie should’ve been the backup all along. Batch aged in dog years since showing well early in 2010. And now the Steelers get to face the Ravens in Baltimore, … Continue reading

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Week 11 Game Thread: Baltimore Ravens

On the one hand, I feel like the pressure’s off — if the Steelers win without Big Ben it’s gravy. On the other hand, this ain’t the same Ravens we’re used to seeing. I’m on record as thinking Chaz Batch … Continue reading

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Week 9 Game Thread: New York Giants

Like most weeks, I have no idea what to expect.

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View From 522: Steelers vs. Redskins

Hi. For the six of you that still check in on this site hoping to see an update, thanks for that! But today we actually have something for you, and we hope you enjoy it. Since Adam is a Steelers … Continue reading

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Our Pets Heads Are Falling Off

“I’ve had it with this dump.”

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Week 5 Game Thread: Philadelphia Eagles

I really have no idea what to expect. It’s nice to have Deebo and Troy back but whether that’ll be enough to fix a suddenly mediocre defense is another issue.

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Recapping the Steelers defensive performance against the Oakland Raiders

I would write a bunch of words about it but I think Lawrence Timmons and Larry Foote just gave up another 10-yard pass to a tight end on third down.

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Week 3 Game Thread: Oakland Raiders

Trips to Oakland haven’t been particularly memorable in the Big Ben era but this time he’ll have TODD HALEY. Consider this your chattin’ thread.

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Week 2 Game Thread: New York Jets

Well, LaMarr Woodley promised that the Steelers wouldn’t go 0-2. Here’s to hoping the Jets game doesn’t end in a tie. In other news: let’s go Eagles.

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