Steelers vs. Panthers: Week 3

I forgot to post a new discussion thread for the Thursday night game in Baltimore, so that’s probably why that game went the way it did. I’m here to fix that tonight. The Steelers are in Carolina on Sunday night for a game that pretty much everybody expects them to lose.

When that happens in sports, the opposite outcome tends to happen.

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View From 522: Steelers vs. Browns

Before we get to Sunday’s game, let’s start with this guy. Just look at that. Look at it. Are you looking at it yet?

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2014 NFL Predictions

2014 NFL Predictions



Patriots 11-5

Jets 7-9

Dolphins 7-9

Bills 5-11

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How can the Steelers get back to the playoffs?

Since the 1972 season the Pittsburgh Steelers have missed the playoffs three straight years only two different times: A four-year run under Chuck Noll between 1985 and 1988, and a three-year run in the Bill Cowher era between 1998 and 2000.

After consecutive 8-8 seasons they enter the 2014 season trying to avoid a third three-year postseason drought.

So what needs to happen this season?

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View From 522: Steelers vs. Panthers (Preseason)

Finally, it’s time for the real games to start. But before that, there was the annual Steelers vs. Panthers preseason finale where the most exciting thing we saw all night was the girl on the corner of Seventh and Penn eating fire after the game. 

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Eagles 31, Steelers 21: Even Snoop Dogg Is Mad

Let’s call the Steelers a work in progress at this point because, well, that could have gone better.

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Steelers vs. Eagles: Preseason Game Thread

The Pittsburgh Steelers are in Philadelphia to take on the Eagles for what is typically the most important preseason game (the third one). The rules remain the same: Nobody get hurt.

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Mid-Preseason 2014 Pittsburgh Steelers Projected Roster and Other Goodies (V 2.0)

With training camp and two preseason games in the books, it is time to update the projected roster and practice squad we posted following the 2014 NFL Draft.

We’ll get to the three special-teams spots later (where there is a great deal of uncertainty). By our count 34 of the remaining 50 spots are roster locks (barring injury), with another eight players near-locks.

Several players have moved into the latter category with strong performances thus far, including ILBs Terrence Garvin and Sean Spence (who have both looked fantastic and fast), and DBs Antwon Blake and Robert Golden, both of whom are also special-teams coverage standouts.

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View From 522: Steelers vs. Bills (Preseason)

It’s difficult to draw any conclusions from what you see in preseason football, but if you really wanted to start getting excited about what the 2014 Pittsburgh Steelers can accomplish there were some pretty exciting things that happened on Saturday night in their 19-16 win over the Buffalo Bills.

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Giants 20, Steelers 16

That was everything you expect preseason football to be — sloppy on top of sloppy — but the good news in the Steelers’ 20-16 loss to the New York Giants is that they seemed to come out of it relatively healthy.

A few quick thoughts…

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