Week 15 Game Thread: Steelers vs. Bengals

Technically, the Steelers are still in the playoff mix but let’s be honest: There are 120 minutes left in the season.

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View from 522: Steelers vs. Dolphins, what a crazy ass game

Since Gretz is a season ticket holder he is going to tell you about all of the debauchery and insanity that takes place in the Heinz Field stands. 

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Week 14 Game Thread: Dolphins vs. Steelers

Yes, there’s still a chance at the postseason.

(FYI: We’ve been working through some issues with the site that hosts SL, so things have been a little wonky the last week or so. We’re hoping to iron all that out in the next few days. Feel free to blame Mike Tomlin since he’s responsible for everything else that has happened since Thanksgiving.)

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Week 13 Game Thread: Steelers vs. Ravens

Happy Turkey Day, people. Here are some YouTubez to get you in the proper frame of mind ahead of the 8:30 p.m. ET kickoff.

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Pre-Thanksgiving Steelers Lounge Podcast Transcript

(The video has nothing to do with nothing but it’s awesomeness transcends sports. Consider this my gift to you.)

Good news: As promised, we recorded a podcast this morning.

Bad news: Because I’m an idiot, I somehow didn’t hit the BIG RED RECORD BUTTON (for the second time this season, by the way). So, yeah, that was awesome.

More good news: As Gretz pointed out after I notified him that I had wasted 45 minutes of his life, “This probably means the Steelers will win.” The logic: JJ missed the podcast prior to the Lions game and … win. There wasn’t a podcast last week because of scheduling conflicts and … win.

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So you’re telling me there’s a chance

I’m not saying they’re going to do it, or that the chances of it happening are even very high, but the Steelers are still in this thing. Even more, Thursday’s game in Baltimore is actually kind of huge. Perhaps even the biggest game ever between two 5-6 teams.

After starting the season 0-4,  just having a chance is way more than I expected at this point. Going on a 5-2 run over the past seven games sure does change things. The offense, especially with the recent addition of the no-huddle, looks competent. The defense is forcing turnovers.


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Week 12 Game Thread: Steelers vs. Browns

This never gets old.

Also: Apologies about no podcast this week — conflicting schedules are to blame — but we’ll be back next week.

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View From 522: Steelers vs. Lions

Since Gretz is a season-ticket holder, he’s going to take a look at the debauchery and insanity that takes place in the Heinz Field stands after every home game he attends. 

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Week 11 Game Thread: Lions vs. Steelers

The Steelers are going to need LeBeau to do this to Megatron a few times Sunday.

In related news, Ian Rapoport, the same guy who reported last Sunday AND Thursday that  Ben would ask for a trade in the offseason even though Ben, his agent and Art Rooney II promptly denied it, reported Friday that his sources have now told him that the Steelers won’t trade the QB.

Seriously, you can’t make this up.

Meanwhile, everyone else’s sources — Ben, his agent and Rooney — told us all as much seven days ago.

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Steelers Lounge Podcast #88: Lynn Swann

It’s another Steelers Lounge Podcast, y’all…

Apparently, we started a whole thing when we talked last week about trading Big Ben. The NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport said Sunday that Roethlisberger would ask the team to explore a trade this offseason, a report that was swiftly and repeatedly denied by Ben’s agent, Art Rooney II and Big Ben.

Not to be deterred, Rapoport reported the exact same thing Thursday night. I really have no idea what to make of that other than Rapoport is just trolling for the sake of it. But hey, if he can look himself in the mirror and be okay with it, more power to him. (Upside: Mark Madden’s got his back.)

Other Rapsheet nuggets: Tomlin’s safe for 2014, Ryan Clark may not be back (in related news, Ryan Clark’s contract is up at the end of the season — and he’s 34), and the same holds for Troy.

Anyway, we talk a lot about this, look back at the Bills game and discuss the Steelers’ chances against the Lions. Sneak preview: Those chances are not good.

Alrighty, talking starts promptly…

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