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Chattin’ Thread for the Week of July 30

Training camp is officially underway which means our summer vacations are over. Feel free to discuss Antonio Brown’s new deal, Mike Wallace’s lack of one, or anything else…

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Steelers Lounge Podcast #63: Browns Recap – Dermontti Dawson

First things first: our apologies for disappearing these last few weeks. A confluence of events have kept us away. (Mostly work-related for each of us but I’m happy to tell you that in the last month I’ve had a sinus … Continue reading

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Steelers Beat Patriots, 25-17, Halloween Starts Early

A few quick thoughts… Maybe we should mentally prepare for every Steelers game by hoping for the worst. For a team that consistently wins a lot of games from one season to the next, this might be one of Pittsburgh’s … Continue reading

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Steelers Lounge Podcast #50: Falcons Recap — David Little

After watching the Falcons game, I think the Steelers offense might be okay this season. Maybe even a little better than that. Actually, this could be one of the most dangerous, well-balanced offenses in the league (I’m so excited by … Continue reading

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Antonio Brown Is Going to Give Defenses Fits This Season

I know we shouldn’t put too much into preseason numbers because, well, it’s the presason. But at some point, you also have to acknowledge that what Antonio Brown has accomplished in three weeks is the personification of Mike Tomlin’s “there’s … Continue reading

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Steelers Lounge Podcast #48: Redskins Recap — Matt Cushing (!)

It’s another Steelers Lounge podcast. For the first time in our history (and almost certainly the last), we invoke the name of Matt Cushing. Congrats, No. 48, you sorta deserve it. Anyway, we talk about Friday night’s mostly no-show performance … Continue reading

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Chattin’ Thread for the Week of Aug. 15

(Note: Just in case it wasn’t obvious, feel free to use this as the Eagles-Steelers game thread, too.) One preseason game is in the books and I’m not sure how the Steelers could’ve looked worse. I’m not even talking about … Continue reading

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Is Emmanuel Sanders Ready to Pass Hines Ward?

Matt Williamson from Scouts Inc. is going around the AFC North and examining players that could have a breakout season in 2011 (whenever it starts). His selection for the Steelers: wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders who, as Williamson writes, “could be … Continue reading

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Sanders, Brown and Holmes: a Tale of 3 WRs

When the Steelers shipped Santonio Holmes to the Jets last spring, I feel confident in writing that we all were picking our collective jaws off up the floor when we found out. I remember reading the headline and thinking, “Clearly, … Continue reading

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Mike Tomlin Press Conference Notes: Ravens-Steelers

It’s Ravens Week and Mike Tomlin (or, as Ron Cook called him on 93.7 just now, Bill Cowher) held his weekly press conference. Here are the (paraphrased) highlights:

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