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Are You There CBs? It’s Me Ryan

I don’t want to make too big a deal about this because, well, we’re one game into the preseason, and guys have been practicing a grand total of two weeks after no OTAs or minicamps. It shouldn’t be a surprise … Continue reading

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What Can the Steelers Expect From a Rookie CB in 2011?

I think we all agree on this: the Steelers could use a young cornerback whether free agent Ike Taylor is a member of the team in 2011 or not. If any of these mock drafts are accurate, and if a … Continue reading

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Bigger Need for the Steelers: Cornerback or O-Line?

“Draft an offensive lineman!” That has been the Steelers fans’ springtime rallying cry for the last decade or so. And after the 2010 season, it hasn’t changed. Unlike year’s past, though, Pittsburgh had the makings of an above-average unit for … Continue reading

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More Steelers-Packers Previewin’: JJ at FanHouse

JJ has been a busy little beaver over at FanHouse this week, and understandably so: the Steelers are in the Super Bowl. We’ll hit the highlights here (and update this post as JJ’s work goes up there)…

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Random Steelers-Titans Postgame Musings

Many art aficionados find the Mona Lisa breathtaking and argue it is da Vinci’s finest work. To me, it’s a simple mugshot drawing of a homely looking French gal. Many football fans probably thought the Steelers’ 19-11 win at Tennessee … Continue reading

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Roddy White vs. Steelers Defensive Backs

At first glance, Roddy White’s 13-catch, 111-yard performance on Sunday looks to be a solid day at the office for Atlanta’s best receiver. It was a career-day for him in terms of receptions, but was he really that effective in … Continue reading

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Pouncey, Skippy, Keenan and 2.0

And so it begins. Maurkice Pouncey took the first-team reps today, effectively ending Justin Hartwig’s gig as the Steelers starting center. I haven’t been as down on Hartwig as other folks, but I admit that could have more to do … Continue reading

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Over/Under: 5 Interceptions for Steelers Cornerbacks

As we continue to get ready for the 2010 season, let’s play some over/under. Today’s topic: Steelers Cornerbacks

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