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Analyzing the Offensive Line: So Many Injuries, So Few Options

When Jonathan Scott and Marcus Gilbert both suffered minor knee injuries in last week’s game against the Eagles, the Steelers looked around, apparently realized their lack of depth at tackle and decided to bring back veteran Trai Essex. It’s good … Continue reading

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Analyzing the Offensive Line: A Bad Week for Chris Scott But Don’t Give Up On Him Yet

Welcome back for another year of in-depth looks at the Steelers’ offensive line. As I do most years, I’m looking at tweaking how I do the line breakdowns, but for now, I’m going to focus much more on the players … Continue reading

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Game Thread: Preseason, Week 1 — Redskins

Use this thread to talk about — you guessed it — Friday’s preseason game. I’ll have a recap up shortly after the festivities conclude. As always, here’s to hoping no one gets injured and the o-line and secondary magically fix … Continue reading

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Welcome to the Jonathan Scott Era

Max Starks’ season is done. Jonathan Scott is now a starting left tackle in the NFL. If I had written that sentence during the preseason, I would have banged my head into a wall repeatedly. Now, I can at least … Continue reading

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